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  • Basics: I’ve upgraded MySQL from 4 to 5 so I can update WP. Once I follow all steps, I’m left with a WP Install page (…, even though I’m pretty sure I did everything the right way.

    I haven’t updated WP for awhile as I didn’t want to go through the steps to upgrade my MySQL databases from 4 to 5. As I wanted to see all that the latest version of WP has to offer, I finally started the process. My host is and there is plenty of documentation on the web on how to do the database upgrade, copy all the info to the new DB, and then tweak the wp-config.php to point to my new DB.

    Here are the steps I followed: My comments on the site are at the bottom of the page (username: Marcus), but the site owner hasn’t replied yet.

    Here’s the problem as described at the bottom of the page’s comments section:

    I’ve followed all the steps carefully and finally got a “Success” from the PHPMyAdmin…

    However, everytime I’ve tried these steps, I do the final wp-config file update, refresh my site in the browser, and I’m greeted with a brand-spanking new WP Install screen (… Just like it was the first time I was installing WP.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Is there an easy answer that I obviously am missing?
    Thanks in advance.


    Don Campbell January 20, 2012 at 6:03 pm

    Is your wp-config.php pointing to your new database? It sounds like there might be a problem there.


    Marcus January 20, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    Thanks a bunch for replying so quickly.
    Re: wp-config — That’s what I’ve thought. But I’ve checked it over and over and everything is good. So frustrating. I’ve lined up my old (MySQL 4) and new (5) wp-config.php files side by side to compare just to make sure that I didn’t leave traces of old in the new. Everything is clean and should be fine. And I definitely changed the hostname, even though WP says, “99% chance you won’t need to change this value.”

    As a test, I’ve gone into my root folder and re-uploaded my original wp-config.php file and, not surprisingly, my old site is back. I’ve then gone back to the new config file (renaming the old one, then, renaming the new one to the proper “wp-config.php”) and still no dice.

    It’s weird as the file s are identical save for all the DB info changes.


    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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