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  • I maintain about 30 different installations of WordPress on a few accounts at Dreamhost. I’d like to be able to update all of these installations at the same time.

    The closest script I can find is called WP Mass Upgrade. These scripts are optimized for WHM/cPanel systems, but with slight modifications should work for Dreamhost and other systems.

    First, is this the best method of multiple upgrades at once? If not, could someone help me? I don’t have any subversion experience and have no clue how to run the script in the WP Mass Upgrade link.

    I believe Dreamhost support subversion and so I’d really appreciate detailed instructions if anyone could be so kind.

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  • I personally would like to find a way to do it without subversion as there are just to many different installs on two many different hosts that I manage. This really should be easy to create a plugin that simply uses WP’s internal upgrade options.

    I think a non-subversion option to upgrade would be amazing as well. I am in the same boat as you, MACscr.

    If there was a way to trigger the upgrade script on each blog all in one shot, it’d make life so much better. One major problem, however, would be the slow connection speed of opening up simultaneous ftp or ssh connections at once then running multiple simultaneous upgrades on one server.

    The whole thing would have to be more than just a plugin, however, because that still means you log into each WP installation and upgrade individually.

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