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    Hi, so I have a blog ( that I am moving to I’m on a mac, and have already installed MAMP, and configured everything. Running wordpress locally, I’ve been able to import my stuff to the new site, and customize, but to my understanding this site is not public yet?
    Do I need to get a host and domain for this to work?
    Sorry, I had somebody do this for me a few years back, so don’t know exactly how to process works.
    Also, it’s totally fine if I don’t use site redirect from I don’t need that traffic, I can just update my site link everywhere I’ve placed it.


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    For your website to be on the web, it needs to be hosted and referenced through a domain name.

    Do you have a hosting service or a domain name?

    I don’t have those at the moment, but can get them. Is it okay to buy a domain from GoDaddy? And I’ll try to find a good host, maybe I don’t need any kind of elaborate hosting, as I don’t recieve a ton of traffic, and don’t post constantly. After I get these, what’s the next step?

    These are the recommended hosts –

    I’d strongly advise against using any “cheaper” options – you’ll likely have problems. Like most things, you “get what you pay for.” You can register a domain name with any approved registrar, but if it is different from your host, it will require a few more set-up steps.

    A lot of this you already know :), but it may fill in a few gaps about the rest of the new things you need to do that are different from your .COM site:

    So I know some of you will be mad, but I signed up at My blog just isn’t that big of a thing anyways, and I’m not going to spend $60-$160+ a year just for this. So I now need to link up my blog to the hosting server, but I’m a bit confused where to start

    No, we’re not going to be mad at all – that’s your choice :). We’ll try to help however we can. Now you’ll need to start with the Installing –

    Well ok, I’ve already installed wordpress using MAMP, (Im on a mac) and I’m trying to set everything up now with my host, but things are now getting tricky. I’ve been following this guide:
    I’ve gotten through a lot of it, but I’m trying to enable FTP on my mac so MAMP can share the files properly.
    Starting to get lost….

    You need to use an FTP client on your computer- like FileZilla is a good one.

    I have FileZilla. Now to connect, I need the Host, Username, Password, and Port.
    I have all of these except for Port. How would I know this?
    Also, a bit confused on what the FTP path should be set to (by me). It is currently: home/www

    You have to get the FTP access info from your host – port may not be necessary. On your end, you don’t have to do anything – it’s connected already.

    Ok, so just found the info, and connected.
    FileZilla says “directory listing successful” and it seems to have connected.
    Now somehow I need to upload my WordPress files? Which files?
    Sorry, I’m not too experienced in this, but you’ve been very helpful!

    This should explain it, though it is a bit involved:

    It’s very hard for me to understand a lot of what it’s saying there.

    I have a new domain name setup already, my blog has been installed on, (locally) and I just want to connect the two. I want to put my blog, which is only setup locally right now, online, using the domain I have with my hosting. I have all the mySQL info, and have setup the database with MAMP, and I have all the FTP info, and it’s connected in my FTP client. And I’ve updated the mySQL host/database/login info in wp-config.php. And I know that I’m suppossed to be using the home/www directory.

    I just don’t know exactly where to go from here.

    Wait a second, in FileZilla, I can see in the “remote site” section, there is / (Which is the domain I setup) and inside that folder is just an Index.html file.
    Does this help at all? Should I copy my WordPress files into this folder or something? And which files/folders exactly?

    NEVERMIND! Just as I thought I was going crazy, I got it to work! Just changed the host name/login info in the wp-config.php file to the one from my new host, then used FileZilla to put all the files from the wordpress directory into the root directory of my website, and it got me to the setup page, and everything seems to work!
    Best moment of the day!

    Thanks for all your help, it really did help!

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