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  • I am absolutely STUMPED

    So I got wordpress 2.0.2 using yahoo as my host. I just went through their easy 2 step processs and it created it for me. So now i want to upgrade to 2.0.3

    First question–> taken form the everymands pdf install this is step 4

    “The downloaded copy of WordPress includes a sample configuration file. It is called wp-config-sample.php, and you can create the configuration file by editing it.
    First, open the wordpress folder that you extracted in step 2. Find the wp-config-sample.php file and make a duplicate of it. Windows users you can copy the file and paste it back into the same folder. Mac users can use
    the “duplicate” option in Finder’s action menu or in the context menu brought up
    by control-clicking on the file.
    Change the name of this copy to wp-config.php…… then open in text edit and rename all bolded letters

    Replace wordpress with the name of the database you created.
    Replace username with the username you created to work with the
    Replace password with the password you gave to that user.
    Replace localhost with the name of your MySQL host.

    Do I actually need to go through all that to UPGRADE!??

    BTW I am using a MAC so any help on how to upgrade would be useful. I have done just about every method and nothing works.

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  • No, you can use a copy of your original wp-config.php as long as it has the correct information (isn’t over-written, etc.).

    Make sure you follow the directions regarding backing up and deleting some files/directories before upgrading…

    Ok I deleted every file and folder except for config.php and wp-content.php (folder)

    Then I added the extracted wordpress folder into my root directory.

    after everything has been copied over I go to the http://www.mydomain/blog/wp-admin/upgrade but nothing is there.. it’s just a blank white page?

    I followed all the directions in upgrading but it seems like it never works.. Help?

    Be sure you’re entering http://www.mydomain/blog/wp-admin/upgrade.php – it’s a file being called for, not a folder….

    yea i did that but just blank white page?

    Any help?

    When that happens to me, I generally access the plugin folder and copy all of them to somewhere local (to make sure you still have what you need later), then delete all the plugin files so they’re not active, redownload the distro, uncompress it fresh, reupload all the files, and try upgrading again.

    And since you’re on Yahoo, that may not work either. I’ve never had ANY luck doing anything with a wp install on Yahoo, though I think others aren’t as unlucky that direction as I am.

    Oh, one other thing you can try BEFORE you do the above: simply navigate in your browser to your site’s admin section; sometimes that will force a “you need to upgrade” message without physically accessing the upgrade.php file.

    its probably yahoo.. you guys shouldnt advertise it as a host if it has problems

    Well, this particular one of “us guys” would never advertise Yahoo as useful for anything, including a search engine. However, Matt didn’t ask me.

    I’ve probably done something very silly, but all my quicktags (and the visual editor, if that option is checked) are gone after upgrading to 2.0.3. I even overwrote from backup and redid the database ‘upgrade’ back to 2.0.2, to no avail.

    How do I get my quicktags back? I’ve done several previous upgrades with no problems.


    Something is more wrong with post.php than I thought. I just followed the link to approve a moderated comment as mailed to me, and it simply came up with unformatted text asking “Are you sure you want to do this?” without the text of the comment, as usual.

    Thank you, Yosemite!

    But oddly enough, that didn’t solve my issue. In fact it sort of made the result page even worse after clicking ‘Yes’.

    Actually, I don’t think in WP <= 2.0.2 it asked for confirmation at all for mailapprovecomment — only for deletion.

    In any case, I get better mileage without the fix. For me, the solution was to do a clean install and then copy over config and content. What I should have done in the first place!

    I found the upgrade from 2.0 to 2.03 very painless yesterday. I only have the wp-config and my theme files which are edited, everything else is default. Hope you fix your problem.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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