• I’ve been messing about with this and still haven’t hit upon the solution despite finding some threads on the same topic here.

    I’m making a site that has all free membership levels. Free levels set up using the method in this video:


    We want for people who sign up for level 0 to be able to upgrade their membership to level 1. This would involve them entering additional information (full name, address, other such stuff). We want them to be able to keep their existing user name and password and email without having to re-enter or change those things.

    How can I go about making this happen?

    Thanks much.

    Edit: Forgot to mention I’m using the paid/pro version of S2.


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  • Because of the way s2M works now, it may be set, but when users drop back to L0 (when membership expires), the additional info will be deleted. Plus, none of additional fields must be mandatory. If this is OK for you, just set need fields at “a2M -> General options -> Custom fields” and use them whith need levels.

    Accounts do not expire on this site, thus no one would drop back to level 0.

    This does not provide a way to upgrade an existing membership account.

    How can a user upgrade their existing account?


    Because no payments are involved in these upgrades, I don’t think that what you want to do directly implicates s2Member. The only relevance to s2Member is that, after the change of user roles, s2Member will permit access to more content.

    Essentially, what you need to do is create a new contact form to add information to user fields and, on submission of that form, cause the user role to be upgraded. That means, I think, hooking the form into something like $user->set_role ("s2member_level2");

    But that’s just a WordPress function with an s2Member role name inserted.

    So I think you should look for more help on the general WordPress forums, or just by using Google, or by finding an appropriate contact forms plugin. I’d suggest looking at PlanSo Forms. It’s a new plugin, but extremely well designed, and the developers are both very helpful and very active.

    Thanks. I had finally concluded something similar to that is the answer.

    PlanSo looks pretty interesting. I’ll have to give that a test run.

    Again, thank you.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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