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  • Can someone please help me? I was upgrading to wordpress 1.5, and I followed the guide – backed up mysql files, then deleted the wordpress files I was supposed to, then I uploaded the new files, as well as restore mysql files. Then I ran the upgrade page thingie, and it said it worked, but now it’s just..blank. Nothing. Before, it was just blank. So I did the same things again, but now it comes up with a download boxy thing –
    I really have NO IDEA what I’m doing whatsoever.. can anyone help? -__-

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  • There wasn’t any reason to restore the MySQL files. They were backed up just in case.

    Anyway, is really the default URL for your site and when I go there it asks me to save the index.php file vs execute it.

    Did you find anything in other posts here when you search for “blank” (minus the quotes) in the support forum? is one thread.

    That’s the problem.. there’s nothing on the page, no matter what wordpress page it is, it just asks me to download something. It’s not like the other problem that you linked to..
    I had restored my mysql files because for some reason when I deleted my wordpress files 4 of the tables or files in mysql disappeared? =/ i don’t know.. do you have any other ideas or do I have to re-install wordpress and everything all over again?

    you need to re-run /wp-admin/upgrade.php again, since you restored your tables from backup.

    is wp-config.php there? does it have the right settings? I see a error not connecting to MYSQL database.

    Yeah, I tried putting in different settings for wp-config.php, which didn’t work, the I used to old settings I had before which worked [before I tried to upgrade] but it still doesn’t work, so I don’t know whether its my page or if its the server down, but I don’t think theres anything wrong with the server so.. I don’t know?
    Okay.. I also tried to run upgrade.php again, but it doesn’t work, like every other wordpress page it just says error connecting to MYSQL database..
    I think I’m going to try delete the database and start all over again..
    Hey, if I do that, like.. delete everything and install wordpress brand new again, and restore my backup files, will that mean that I’ll still have my old entrees and comments?

    o0oh yay i figured it out. for some reason my hostname thing had changed.. and i had to use my web addy instead of “local host”

    anyways… now i need help with themes.. i read from the help n stuff that you just install the folder with your own theme into the ‘themes’ folder, but its not working for me. =/

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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