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  • Hi all, I used to be much more versed into wordpress, but never pro…. well barely novice actually, but as of a few years Ive dropped the ball with it for other adventures.

    Im an IT network tech and since I was the only one here with a SHRED of knowledge on mysql, php, wordpress and apache (still minimal) I got kind of roped into helping with our company intranet site as its using an old apache, php and mysql which is setting off a LOT of flags in our vulnerability scans. Its built on wordpress and now the bug has gotten into me to want to learn again. We started by trying to just upgrade them all independently as thats how the site was built by an old company we used. We got fed up with that as everytime we upgraded anything it broke the site completely (this is all being done in our test enviro right now).

    So from my own experience I just said screw it and installed xampp from my old days of windows/unbuntu linux site building and wha la it worked. It worked with a slew of problems though. The site/server wont let go of the old mysql install and somehow xampp is working with it but out company directory is broken, which was written in a sql whatever. We have no idea how to join it up and make it work in the functional xampp install.

    ANYWAY I decided to say forget it all and just exported the old wordpress site and re import it on a fresh virtual machine install running NOTHING but the latest xampp and just get it running that way. It works but ALL the links and custom settings (like colors, images, etc) are just not there. Pages exits but the links are broken, and all the images are gone since they were probably somewhere else where xampp and the new install doesnt know to look. My intention was to just elimiate the old directory and rebuild it using something more user friendly like “connections” which would be nice since it looks like it hasnt been updated since 1999.

    In all honestly we are a small company, like 300 employees, no one ever looks at this intranet anyway and Id like to see if I could take it over instead of giving it to an outside vendor since this got us into the mess were in anyway.

    Is there ANYWHERE I could look to try and just get the links to work? The colors and images I can always go in the theme pages and update myself.

    I know this was alot but hopefully someone will understand what Im rambling about and give me a tip.


    I should also mention its using the “nirvana” theme

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  • well I think I figured out a few things, I exported just the pages and posts and it seems to be working minus the directory which I planned to build anyway

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