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  • So, I have been setting up a site ( with The Events Calendar and learning my way through it. Initially, I had a 3.0. version installed, but liked some of the things in 2.0.11 better for what I was doing. So, reverted back to it and things have been going okay.

    That is, until I was clicking to the next month from January on the Calendar. So I clicked February, to go to February, and it shows that it loads February, but up in the title bar of my internet explorer, it shows March 2014. I proceeded to click through all the months, and it skips every other month (February, April, June…). If you manually go and pick the month and year at the top of the calendar, it shows the month fine.

    For example, February shows no events when clicking to it from January, but if you manually click February, 2014, you’ll see 2 events on there.

    Lastly, I thought I would try to upgrade to the new version and maybe my problems will be solved. So I just updated The Events Calendar to the newest version and nothing seems to have changed on my calendar. Everything looks the exact same as it has with version 2.0.11 and the problem above still exists.

    When I originally used the new version before reverting back to 2.0.11, it looked much different, so I know something went haywire in the upgrade.

    Thanks for the help in advance.


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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