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    i’m trying to update my 2.6.5 installation to 2.7. My blog still runs fortunately, but i can’t seem to upgrade. When i try to go to /wp-admin/ the script redirects to upgrade.php, which gives a blank screen and no errors. I tried disabling all my plugins by blanking the active_plugins row in wp_options but that doesn’t seem to do the trick.

    — Husky

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  • 1. logout or logout with
    2. login with

    If WordPress is installed in something other than the root folder please take that into account for the above url examples

    Nope, that doesn’t work. I get to the admin screen and i get the ‘Are you sure you want to logout?’ message. But after i enter my username and password and press login i am redirected to:

    And i get the blank screen again…

    Upload a new version of wp-admin/index.php

    Make sure you don’t have something wierd in .htacess

    Hi there, I’m having the same problems here, but with /wp-login.php?action=logout still get a blank page. I deleted all plugins from the folder but nothing change.

    Hi all, I had the exact same problem at first, but I re-uploaded the entire 2.7 wp-admin folder and it everything suddenly started working.

    Maybe something didn’t upload correctly the first time and/or files were missing?

    Just something to try…

    Thanks MichaelH, tried your last suggestion but nothing changed. Don’t have any .htacess files.

    Hi Fearhurst,
    uploaded twice 2.7 files (admin and includes) again, but still nothing.
    I’m using the forum as last resolution, and start asking here just when i saw Husky having the same white page..
    what’s your website?

    I’m having a similar problem as well, except my blog just whites out completely after running upgrade.php

    having the same problem. I’ve tried uploading complete new install four times now and get nothing but blank screen. Have tried 3 different downloads from WordPress of 2.7 with same result. Tried deleting theme files from WP Content in case it was an incompatible theme but still same result. It looks like 2.7 is not ready for prime time. Thank goodness for backups!

    Tried removing everything but wp-content/ and re-installing, deleting all cookies, removing my .htaccess. Nothing 🙁

    Afaik, the upgrade.php script hangs when trying to include the upgrade.php file in wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php

    I’m having similar issues with an upgrade from 2.6.5 to 2.7. The site itself is still alive, but I cannot access wp-login.php. Any attempts to load anything within /wp-admin result in a blank screen. I’ve checked my apache logs, but nothing is written to the error.log. Thankfully most of the site is still alive, but I’ve found a few blank pages there as well.

    I’ve tried editing/removing .htaccess, purging various wp-* directories and re-copying from latest.tar.gz, re-running upgrade.php etc. No effect. I’ve also removed all plugins, but still nothing but a blank page with wp-login.php

    I’m getting somewhere, I’ve modified wp-settings.php as follows:

    define(‘WPINC’, ‘wp-includes’);

    define(‘WPINC’, ‘/wp-includes’);

    I’m now presented with the login page, and I can login, however once logged in, all I see is the header at the top of the page while the rest of the page is blank.

    I’m seeing a lot of people with the with-page-problem. I have some good backup, so i’m going to restart server from zero: i will delete all files and all DB, with a new installation of 2.7. Then if it works will add the files, db, plugins, themes. I want to see who’s going to win..

    Yep, I got the same. Deleted wp-admin and wp-includes folders, uploaded entire 2.7 and then did the upgrade.

    It said it worked but after that I got nothing but blank pages wherever I tried to go.

    I don’t have the answer I’m afraid as I just went back to the backup and my blog’s up and running again but back at 2.6.3.

    I’m just going to wait it out until 2.7.1 I think… Sorry I couldn’t be more help

    Well 1st phase done.
    Installed the 2.7 and the new DB. Now will try importing the DB.

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