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  • Hello. I upgraded the WP Mobile plugin as per the system was telling me to do so and now it does not work.. anyone has a fix?

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  • same problem

    Me too, have tried a few things but no luck. Perhaps its buggy?

    oh ok… i guess its out then.. thanks!

    Check the readme file in the plugin’s directory. You probably have to move the theme files to the wp-content/theme directory.

    Upgrading to 3.x via the “upgrade automatically” link on the Plugins page will install a slightly different configuration of files and directories.

    A “wordpress-mobile-edition” directory in the themes directory now exists. It contains the wp-mobile.php file.

    That means you may have TWO wp-mobile.php files: the original one in /wp-content/plugins/ (from WP-Mobile v2.x) and the new one in /wp-content/plugins/wordpress-mobile-edition/ (from WP-Mobile v3.x)

    Remove the original one (/wp-content/plugins/). You might want to ensure the /wp-content/themes/carrington-mobile-1.0.1/ directory and files all exists, as well as the older /wp-content/themes/wp-mobile/ directory is now gone.

    thanks b… but the old plugin is not there anymore…

    u know what, this is crazy… im gonna intall the old version again… no idea why they let users to upgrade automatically iif it doesn’t work… and the old version was perfect… why the update??? if it aint broken…

    anyone knows how to get the old version working? now it doesn’t want to work

    If removing and starting over on old plugin, have you confirmed that /wp-content/plugins/ does NOT contain wp-mobile.php file? And that there is no /wp-content/plugins/wordpress-mobile-edition/ directory?

    And that under /wp-content/themes/ there are no subdirectories named anything like “carrington-mobile” or “wp-mobile”?

    Just verifying.

    total waste of time… try WordPress Mobile Pack instead. works with any old mobile themes you may have been using in the past….

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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