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  • When logged into my site and viewing the recommended updates, I was attempting to update plugins and accidentally updated to the latest version of WordPress.

    In addition to doing that, I also clicked “Automatically Upgrade” (I checked the boxes beside the plugins, thinking that I was going to automatically upgrade them each time).

    I didn’t really want the upgrade to begin with – many of the plugins are working the same.

    1. Is there any way that I can downgrade?

    2. How can I change the automatic upgrade option? I don’t want my blog going to the latest version of WP without my approval.

    Thank you for any help that anyone can offer!

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  • Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    WordPress doesn’t have functionality that automatically downloads and installs updates. Until that changes, you will always have to do the manual, one-click update. So, no need to worry about WordPress updating itself without your knowledge or consent.

    As for downgrading: why?

    I could have sworn that I checked a box that said “Automatically Upgrade”.

    I even questioned whether or not I had clicked the right button because the upgrade went so quickly, too.

    I want to downgrade because some of my plugins aren’t operating properly now – not to the fullest extent I would like them to, at least.

    Any recommendations?

    Thanks, Chip!

    Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    There are two big issues that may impact Plugin compatibility with WordPress 3.2: an increase in the base PHP/SQL version requirements, and an increase in the version of jQuery bundled with core.

    I would recommend finding alternate Plugins that are still being maintained, and using better coding practices, rather than reverting to an older version of WordPress.

    Though, if you want to keep using your current Plugins, be sure to post bug reports for each Plugin that isn’t working. Just go to the listing page for each Plugin, and look for the support forum link in the bottom right corner. That way, the developers (assuming they are monitoring the WPORG support forums for their Plugins) will be alerted to the problem.

    Thanks, Chip.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have sufficient time to research new plugins to replace what I have and would just rather downgrade. I wouldn’t mind the upgrade if I had more time to play around with things – but I just need to focus on having the functionality back ASAP.

    Wouldn’t mind downgrading myself actually. Ok to say go log a support case but in many cases it is a case of “Hey I like what I have”. There should be a way for users to revert back to previous versions until compatibility issues are sorted. Some of my plugins earn cash and for Chip Bennet to say “go log a support case” means part of my business is suffering. There should be a way to undo the changes for those spending countless hours endorsing and supporting WordPress users.

    You can downgrade just as if you would upgrade manually. Copy/overwrite all the files in your blog’s directory except the the plugins folder and the themes folder that are in the /wp-content folder on your blog.

    Then run upgrade.php at your blogs URL: /wp-admin/upgrade.php

    I suppose that’s worth a thought syga but it would be nice to hear from a few people who have done this successfully.

    guess so

    I meke the downgrade, but in admin says 3.4
    something more to make?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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