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  • Oh God I hope someone is able to help me!

    I just upgraded from WP 2.9.2 to 3.0.4. I had no problems with the installation. I deactivated all my plugins before the upgrade but when I tried to reactivate them once the upgrade was complete I got a “Error 500 – Internal server error”. I guessed that maybe it was a problem with my theme (I use MYSTIQUE — I’m not sure of the version) so I changed it to the WordPress default theme and everything worked fine. Well once that worked I decided to try to reactivate Mystique. I was able to get it back up working with all the plugins but NOW I’m locked out of my admin/dashboard.

    I can’t go in to change the theme back or deactivate the plug-ins. Effectively I’m locked out of my blog while it looks fine from the outside. Can anyone help with this? I get that my theme must not be compatible with the new WP version but how can I fix this? I also backed up my database before the upgrade. ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED. I hope this can be resolved.

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  • using ftp rename MYSTIQUE theme folder so that twentyten theme opens log in and than search for updated MYSTIQUE theme and install.

    Thank you for responding. I tried to rename the mystique folder as “twentyten” but it won’t allow me. I’m guessing b/c theres already a folder with that name. Should I delete the twentyten folder that came with the upgrade and then just rename mystique and follow the rest of your instructions?

    Oh nevermind. I think what you’re saying is rename the twentyten folder so that it says mystique… I will try that.

    No do not rename twenty ten theme You suppose to rename MYSTIQUE to say MYSTIQUE-hold

    Actually, and sorry for all the replies, I will just wait for your answer before I do anything. I don’t wanna screw things up further.

    Oh, thank you so much! That was easy. I will now go try to find the newer mystique theme to see if it’s compatible. I really appreciate your help!!!

    You are welcome never ever delete or rename or make changes in twenty ten theme as that is only way you can get your wordpress back.

    THANK YOU! Got it! I realize the problem is the plug-in compatibility with the theme. So I’m looking for alternative plug-ins that may work.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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