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  • otto, you need to work on a tech help line for a while. having end users who do not know where the any key is, don’t know what a “power cable” is, and don’t know what a browser is (you have to tell them to click on the firefox or IE thing on thier desktop)… you learn to accept that not everyone has even what you or I might consider “basic” knowledge.

    Your assumption is that they know how to search well. Many people don’t. Don’t assume, it makes and … you know the rest. 🙂

    This bookmarklet will clear all the cookies for just the site you are on:
    It covers all the paths for the site which some other scripts don’t do.

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    @rawalex: I have done tech support before for a major printer manufacturer. You ain’t telling me anything I don’t know.

    Running a website is not a follow-the-directions operation. You need technical knowledge.

    Make no mistake about it, running WordPress on your own host is not “having a blog”, it is “running a website”. And this support forum is for those people who run their own website. I do not cater to the clueless on this support forum, nor do I have any plans to start. So if somebody doesn’t know how to search or know the very basic principles, then I will tell them to skip the idea of running their own site and to use instead. They’ll be happier that way.

    So perhaps some sort of “webmaster test” before they can download it?

    I’ve cleared all IE cache, and verified that both the “siteurl” and “home” columns both have the same value (the one I’m using trying to log in).

    I’m still unable to log in. If I use an invalid login name it tells me, if I use a valid login name with a valid (or invalid) password it just redirects me to a blank login page.

    I’ve re-uploaded the entire site three times now, following the three-step process (sans disabling plugins) to no avail. I did try logging in with the plugin folder renamed, also with the same results.


    I know how to delete cookies in my browser,
    did this and still am not able to log in under
    the latest version of Firefox.

    my confusion lies in these “fixes” that are proposed.

    Why wasn’t this issue caught before 2.6 went live?

    waldorf, your blog: is it or or ?

    same question for you kauffman.

    Also, what was your previous version number before the upgrade?



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    I’ve cleared all IE cache

    Have you removed the cookies though? It’s not the same thing.

    I had the latest WordPress version before I updated to 2.6.

    My blog is located at: (<—–not my real URL)

    (no “www”)

    In order to log into the admin control panel, I goto:

    @rawalex: siteurl is defined at “” and I’m coming from 2.5.1. I’ve upgraded WP a few times in the past with no errors, and other than being unable to log in the site seems to be working fine, so /shrug.

    @mrmist: yes, I’ve cleared “temp. internet files”, “cookies”, “history”, “forum data” and “passwords” via the IE 7 Tools menu.

    Here’s are my cookies… just in case. The reset cookies works for me, but who knows what u might discover from these.

    1. NAME = wordpress_logged_in_d676ec21cf050e966685794aa715694f
    CONTENT = removed
    PATH = /sitename/

    2. NAME = wordpress_d676ec21cf050e966685794aa715694f
    CONTENT = removed
    PATH = /sitename/wp-admin

    3. NAME = wordpress_d676ec21cf050e966685794aa715694f
    CONTENT = removed
    PATH = /sitename/wp-content/plugins

    4. NAME = wordpress_d676ec21cf050e966685794aa715694f
    CONTENT = removed
    PATH = /sitename/

    5. NAME = wordpress_test_cookie
    CONTENT = WP+Cookie+check
    PATH = /sitename/

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    Also, I had no idea 2.6 was out until I happened upon this forum last night.

    I logged into my admin control panel before I updated and there was no “a new version of wordpress is out” message.

    OMG do NOT post your full cookies (with content).
    That has to be removed ASAP.
    If someone knew your website they could have admin access very quickly.

    ck, also notice that the content admin login cookies aren’t the same on each level, possibly an issue?

    rawalex, nah that’s their login name (the admin part at the start of the content) and I just realized that the plugin path is probably from a plugin setting the cookie.

    WP went from a very clean cookie setup in 2.5 to something a bit messier in 2.6 – I understand what they were trying to do, but to re-use the old cookie name as the admin cookie and then create a new one for the common login is just a bit whacky. I wonder what else it’s going to break.

    I know it broke bbPress but we’ve got another release pending I guess.

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