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  • cleared cache?

    Yes, but no joy. Tried Opera with a clear cache and was able to access briefly, but something went haywire and I got the same error in that browser too. Will try again out of curiosity…


    Noticing that when I attempt to log in, I get redirected back to the wp-login page, except it goes blank. If I hit wp-admin, it doesn’t automatically redirect to the wp-login script.

    Have you tried with IE?

    If you read other posts here, a lot of ppl has the same problems.

    Try this

    Although not sure it will get you into the admin area though – maybe you modded .htaccess file ? its preventing all access to wp-admin

    No, it was working fine prior to this upgrade. I’m just wondering if this has something to do with cookies, or if it’s stemming from something else…

    The cookies should have gone when you cleared all the browser cache.
    check that if you havent done so.
    also check .htaccess file and whether your wp-admin folder looks ok (i.e. files inside of it etc).

    I moved the .htaccess file out of the install, but it had no effect on logging in. I’ve replaced the WP2.6 files a number of times, both via SSH and FTP. wp-admin seems to be fine and I can access the directory normally via FTP and see the contents of the files.

    If misery loves company, then maybe this will help! The EXACT same thing has happened to me. Blank page. Can’t access wp-admin. Nothing.

    More ideas – check permission of wp-admin directory
    did you disable all plugins prior to upgrading.

    if all else fails i would suggest creating fresh install of 2.6 and swap over.

    Same problem here. I can’t access after have upgraded…

    Ditto on this issue.

    I have checked the permissions of the wp-admin directory… 755

    I have moved removed all plugins.

    I double checked wp-config.php and I didn’t overwrite it.

    I have done tonnes and tonnes of upgrades over the years and have never had this kind of trouble.

    I have a backup, but would rather figure out how to fix this.


    I thinks it’s a wordpress 2.6 issue.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 191 total)
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