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  • I upgraded and now I cannot get into my admin panel.
    This happened at the same time as I had a crash at my forum, but that seems a coincidence, as my forum is now up again.
    I’m not getting an error message, it doesn’t even time out and tell me it can’t access the page, it just keeps trying and the bar that shows how much is loaded doesn’t move.

    But I am wondering about my SQL…my blog is relatively small (only going since March and maybe 50 posts) and the SQL is 815 MB, the forum is not small and yet the SQL space is less. So I’m wondering if there could be a spam issue going on and if that could also be why I can’t get to me admin.

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  • Have you turned on debug in your wp_config.php file? Try turning it on and see if there are errors being reported.


    I haven’t and now I cannot do that. MY server suspended my account which apparently also removed my access from cpanel.b But evenso, how do I check wp_config.php and turn on debug when I am able?

    They said my database is swelled due to a haywire upgrade and that I must contact wp for the solution.

    My host said they will unsuspend my account for me to disable my blog in order to get my forum back up. I can then try and resolve the blog problem. But how do I disable it?

    An old thread said this about turning off the blog.

    Rename index.php or wp-config.php in the root directory of your WordPress installation. To turn it back on, just change the file’s name to it’s original name.

    How do I do that and what are any issues I should be aware of before doing it?

    My host unsuspended my account and had immediate problems–here is how she described it…

    I had to suspend your site again,as soon as I turned it on it sparks the load like a bomb and causes problems to all other customers with php scripts. The load is coming down slowly now. …your site cannot be turned on even for a few minutes without causing problems.

    So I can do nothing direct. I can research what might work, but without access I cannot apply what I learn yet.

    There are a few things you can try:

    1) your host should enable a limit on the amount of time that a single php request can run. This will prevent it from locking out other users. This not being set is their problem, they set it in php.ini.

    2) have you taken a look at the database to see what is burning up all the space? That might provide hint as to what is happening. The runaway loop you experience was probably writing into the database.

    3) you should turn on debug, you do this by editing the wp-config.php file. With debug=true set you should get a list of any errors that are occurring.

    4) you can put a simple index.html file in the root directory of your blog and rename the index.php. that will shutdown WordPress and still display something useful

    5) have you tried reinstalling version 3.3.1?

    6) do you run a local development copy? This is always a good practice as it lets you test things on a machine that you control, in an environment that can’t hurt anyone else or be impacted by spammers. Years ago most hosts wouldn’t let you deploy a database application if you didn’t test is on your own first.

    Thanks you.

    I will pass on #1 to my host. He is gone until tonight, so I can’t do anything active until he’s back.

    #2. No–since I can’t get into it. But the host said it looks like it was a haywire upgrade that was causing the db to swell.

    #3 It looks like this now.
    define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false);
    so I should just change false to true?

    #4. I’m a non-techie. What does itmean to put a simple index.html file in the root of my blog?
    Rename index.php–the filename, but no editing? That was what I was going to try when she unsuspended me for a few moments…so I’m hoping to try again later.

    #5 Nope, can’t get in since I’m suspended. I began to have problems within minutes of upgrading. Before being suspended I could get to the blog–like a reader–but no admin access.

    #6. Do you mean sandbox? No. I’m note ven sure how to go about it unless it is simply another subdomain (my blog is a subdomain) that looks like the blog but isn’t the blog–is that what you mean.

    Sorry for all of my confusions and questions, but thanks for helping.

    The first thing to do is get that index.php file out of the way. Just rename the file and WordPress will no longer come up. you only need the index.html if you want to provide a “down for maintenance” page. Your hosting provider should be able to do that for you.

    What I meant by #6 was that you should run a copy of your site on a local machine ar home that you control. You would be the hosting provider for that. You can use a Mac, Windows or Linux box as the test host. There are packages called LAMP, MAMP, and WAMP that will set up a local server with Apache, MySQL and PHP on Linux, Mac and Windows respectively. Doing this will get you experience running a site for real and will protect you from issues like you are having now.

    From my host…

    We have a time limit on PHP scripts, and a memory limit. your blog has a memory leak and it’s eating up all available memory. I will remove the index.php for the blog, so it can’t be accessed, and then we will unsuspend your account. You NEED to test this somewhere else. Not on a production server, we now have a lot of angry clients because the server keeps going down… some are threatening to cancel their accounts, and that ends up costing us money.

    and a few minutes later…
    Your site has been unsuspended. However, there is no public access to the web files, only cPanel and FTP and Mail access….

    I placed a .htaccess file in your public_html folder, and put “Deny from All” in it to disallow access.

    DO NOT remove this file until you have found and corrected the problem – and done so off of our servers… we are not a testing platform, we are a production platform.

    Running my site on a local machine sounds well beyond my personal skills and beyond the abilities of my computer which is constantly telling me it is out low on space. Uffda

    I don’t know what to do.
    I can access my cpanel now, but my forum and blog are both not available–and it is the forum that is important and not giving problems.

    I need to remove the newer version of WordPress and revert ot the previous version. How do I do that?
    Then I don’t know what to do since I don’t know how to confirm it worked if the blog is not public.

    Okay, the file is renamed and the blog is disabled. Now can how can I revert back to the previous version of WordPress?
    Maybe I should start a new post with that question?

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