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  1. prof_jerz
    Posted 5 years ago #

    For the record, I'm running WordPress 3.2.1 and have the problem of missing visual editor buttons. The buttons do appear on the HTML editor, but the "link" button does not work. The b ("strong") button did work, though.

  2. We're at three pages and more than 10 people with SLIGHTLY different issues, which means it's nigh impossible to keep track of who is where and what.

    Here's what we'll do.

    Everyone who is STILL having this problem should (if they have not already) turn off ALL plugins. Do it the old-school way of renaming your plugins folder to plugins-old. Then go and switch to the Twenty Eleven theme.

    If that solves your problem, congratulations! You now get to try turning things back on, one at a time, until it breaks!

    IF you are still having the problem, make a NEW topic, all for yourself, and list the following:
    1) Your webhost
    2) The version of PHP you're on
    3) That you have already tried the plugins/theme song and dance
    4) Any other information about what you've done

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