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  • Hey guys hope one of you can save the day. i just updated wordpress on my site and now all my news links are broken and redirecting to my index page.

    My category pages are also doing the exact same thing. I tried going into my admin and hitting the permalinks button again but im still fubar.


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  • As a quick followup when I changed it to STANDARD ie, not /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%/ it now works.

    Those of you who are having the same problem might consider trying this as a quick fix.

    just as a reference point I also tried uploading a backup htaccess file. no good. At this point im wondering if anyone knows how I can remove 3.1 till this bug is addressed.

    Hopefully somebody can settle my panic for me and point me to an easy fix!

    yup, same trouble for me. Been going at it for about 2 hours now, together with my host’s support chat service, but couldn’t get it fixed.

    As a temporary fix I’m using the Advanced Permalinks plugin to redirect people who come in through Google, but that still doesn’t fix the categories.

    I’m desperate to find a fix as soon as possible, any help would be awesome

    Big bump. This is not working for me. Does wordpress ever test this stuff before they put it out?

    yeah im trying everything and absolutely can not get permalinks to work. I can see alot of other stuff that is absolutely fubared but that I can live with. All my pages 404’ing I can not.

    Holy moly do I regret not having a dev site. Hopefully one of you sharp wordpress ninjas can figure a fix before we all go bald pulling out our hair.

    What OS are your servers? It seems that this may be a Windows specific problem as the sites I’ve tried where this failed were all running on Windows.

    UPDATE: sorry, I was mistaking this for the infinite redirect issue.

    im on a Linux server, so that’s not it

    Linux here as well. This seems to impact structures that use %category% can anyone else confirm?

    yup, i was using /%category%/%postname%/ before, all screwed up now

    my category pages and my news pages are redirecting. My format is as follows

    Red Hill Movie Review

    other pages are worse is redirecting to a post it looks like.

    wierder still some pages load some dont. This page DOES Load.

    Does the WordPress warranty cover Google placement destruction? NOT!

    lol. Just some good news guys I fixed my site. I am now able to load MOST of my content ( some glitches still need fixing )

    If you go now and try and load a news article it does work ( ).

    I am nailing down WHICH file was doing it and as soon as I do I will re-port.

    Ok guys its the “Top Level Categories plugin” that is messing up your urls. I have my site now back up and running with the plugin disabled. Of course that messes up some of my pages but I will figure out a fix for that soon I hope.

    It really seems to be a problem in the permalink code itself. I think the WordPress gurus are going to have to go back and revise a few beats of their ‘poetry’ … the rhythm just aint working. 😉

    did you try what i did doca? My site is not 100%.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 80 total)
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