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  • I upgraded my photo website today to 3.1 and now the floating re-sizing windows in my portfolio section are not working (I apologize for not knowing what those magic re-sizing windows are called). My site is at:

    When you go into my portfolio section and click on an image, it just goes to a static window with my image in the left hand corner. It should open up that floating window that appears over the same page as the portfolio thumbnails, which you then click through to see all the pics. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, does anyone know how to fix it? Thank you!!!

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  • Its working fine for me I click on image a the pops up enlarged.

    Thanks for checking it out! Yes, when you click on an image it now goes to a static enlarged pic on a field of white. It’s supposed to open up a free floating window over that thumbnail page (kind of like a pop up window-within-a-window) that resizes to fit the next image as you click through my portfolio pics. Here’s a sample:

    None of my content was lost when I upgraded, but that design feature is not working now. Thanks again for looking, govpatel!

    What plugin are you using to create the lightbox feature to display images?

    That’s what it’s called, Lightbox! Thank you, gestroud! 🙂
    The lightbox feature is built into the Simplicity Overhaul Theme so I never had to add a plugin or deal with it before (when I go to the plugin section on my dashboard there’s nothing there that identifies itself as a lightbox plugin).

    Check with the theme’s designer, especially if it’s a premium theme.

    I will do that, and I appreciate you taking the time to address this!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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