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    Hi, I just upgraded, and my theme is not working now. It stops loading where the slideshow is. Please let me know what I need to do to fix this. Thanks.

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  • Sorry, the theme is Antisnews…

    Update: If I click on the pages, they are working, but the frontpage with the slider does not load.

    Same theme I’m dealing with and the front page doesn’t work.

    Never mind, using News Magazine Theme, antinews is just a theme we had installed as well just never used, thought it was.

    Update: I turned off the Facebook ingegration plugin and now it works…

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    Which Facebook ingegration plugin?

    I turned off all plugins and mine still didn’t work

    I turned off the slide feature and my site starts loading again. I need help cos I really want to use the slide feature

    I am having same problem. My site loads fine every other time I refresh. It gets stuck at the first thumbnail. If I turn off the top thumbnail and insert one lower down in the page the page will load up to that point. I don’t really know anything about PHP so I don’t know if it has to do with something in the PHP getting “stuck” sometimes when the page loads. As od now I can insert any pictures into the site so it looks pretty lame.

    I did some testing and it seems that my problem only happens when I am logged into WordPress. I used my girlfriend’s laptop and the page loaded perfectly with Chrome which is what I use. I tried IE and Firefox and it worked fine to which made me think my Chrome was messed up some how. When I logged into WordPress the page only loaded correctly some of the time. Guessing there is some conflict with the admin bar at the top of the page? Would be nice to have that problem fixed if that is what it is but as long as visitors don’t see that problem then I think I can live with it.

    Every other page refresh of home page with slider does not load. For me the Fixed Admin Menus and SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam plug-ins were the culprits (Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu works fine). But as you said, mojo, if it is something that only a logged in admin can see then I can deal with it; it’s just a bit unnerving wondering if it does happen to site visitors as well.

    I take it back!!! When I fixed the problem by deactivating the plugins, I was working on a test site with very few posts. When I tried to take Antisnews live with a large site, nothing I did stopped it from not loading the home page every other time on a refresh or return to the page, even deactivating all plugins (which would be an unsavory solution anyway).

    And if I made any modifications to ad code on my single post pages, those pages started to not load properly every other time as well.

    Very frustrating, as otherwise this is a very cool theme.

    I am having refresh problems with this theme. Also the slider is erratic the
    Breaking news doesnt show the assigned info
    Very frustrating as it is a great looking verdsatile theme

    Is anything being done to fix al this?

    I too have the problem that the assigned text does not show when breacking news is activated …. the hotspot is there but no text ….. i think the test colour maybr the same as the back ground but can fin where to change it

    i also have a problem with the menu links not changing colour when in focus ….. but the home link does

    does anyone have an answer please


Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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