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    OK, what did I do wrong? I upgraded to 2.5.1, thought I followed all the instructions, and now my blog has gone bye-bye along with my user. Perhaps a big red flag concerning this issue, when I went to [myurl]/upgrade.php and had it upgrade the database, it came back with a whole slew of error messages, though it declared that the upgrading process was complete. I backed up my database and all the files before the upgrade at least. Can anyone help me get this back in working order? The blog had very little content so starting from scratch won’t kill me, but it sure is a huge pain.

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  • An update: Tried restoring the database. Hostmonster was unclear about whether it actually restored it or what but I tried refreshing my blog, nothing, tried /upgrade.php again, said it was already upgraded and didn’t need anything.

    well, the first thing I would do is get to the point where you *are* clear on your database restoration.

    That’s not really a point you can just kind of ignore and hope for the best. Get crystal clear on that, then you can move forward.

    Hoping this appears the same for you as it does for me: this is all it gives me after the page finishes loading. No activity going on, the little orange progress bar is not the movable kind. Just says “restoring database” with a nice little picture. The main page where I chose the file containing the database backup to upload has not changed; still even has the path on my computer to the file sitting there in the input box near the ‘search’ and ‘upload’ buttons. Hostmonster does certainly have tech support available, though I would very much rather avoid the downsides of that service.

    it would be a very bad thing if that DID display for me.

    There’s not much I can suggest for you until you’re sure you’ve restored your DB appropriately. If your host has a problem with the database restoration options in cpanel, then they should fix that for you without charging you.

    If you don’t want to test that theory, perhaps a visit to the cpanel forums might be in order?

    Consider doing the restore via phpMyAdmin, also available via your cpanel.

    OK, I have gotten the database restored. Still looks the same (not too surprising), tempted to run /upgrade.php script again, but knowing what happened last time…

    Blog is back. Just replaced my new wp-config.php file with the old one.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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