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  • I upgraded to 2.2 and can get into my Admin dashboard, but nothing is displayed on my actual blog: All the themes, including default and classic say they are broken and missing the template. I tried to upload a new theme, Redz 2.0, that made it sound like it was designed for 2.2, but that is not recognized either.

    WP is saying that my current theme is Array, but I do not have any such theme or files titled Array.

    I haven’t changed any of the theme files and have turned off all the plugins to ensure that wasn’t the problem. Whet else do I need to do? I just want any theme to show up so I can have some content show on my blog.


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  • I am still experiencing the problem above. However my blog is displayed with the default theme at, but not at like it normally does. I can’t make any changes or anything, so I’m wondering if I have a file in the wrong spot or something.

    I also tried to add
    template: Redz 2.0
    to the CSS, but that didn’t seem to work either.

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