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  • I upgraded my site from 2.0.6 to 2.1.3 today. I expected there would be some quirks, but this one is beyond me.

    I have a page called Creating a blogroll in WP that I wanted to update for WP 2.1. I login, go to Manage >> Pages and click on edit for this page. It starts loading, but when it loads the preview, the whole page comes up and the editing stuff goes away. I double checked and it does this with other pages, but it does not do it with posts. Editing a post will show the preview normally.

    Any suggestions?

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  • I think I solved my own problem. I have the break-out-of-frames plugin. When I turned it off, the problem stopped. However it’s strange that it would do this only on pages and not on posts.

    I have same problems but it is for posts not pages.
    and the theme got totally messed up on top of that, when trying to save the posts.

    am checking my other themes I have available and am finding no matter which theme I have loaded, it is broken.

    Please take a look and let me know where to look for this problem. and if there is a fix.

    too wierd.
    Host says not them.

    So am here.

    using wordpress 2.1.3 at

    any ideas how to fix this.
    do I have toget rid of firefox totally, since it seems to add problems not help?

    Only slightly fixed.

    I found one problems from the social bookmarking plugin. Have deactivated it. fixed the looks of the template problems.

    And my webhost and restored the site from a backup.

    The editor is still giving problems. The post will not save the new edits. and does not show them in the site. Also when you go to try to edit it. the edit box has all the RIGHT content and coding, but it is not showing up in the preview or the post.

    And the posts are getting mixed up, particularly the one I am having trouble with
    “Widgets Wadjets Whatnot”, it seems to adding part of another arbitrary post to that one.

    I don’t know where to go to check what’s happened. and fix it.

    Do I need to reinstall WordPress 2.1.3?

    Addition: when I save the post, it saves, the right code and content is in the edit box, but the preview cuts it off and add two codelinks rss feed and trackbackurl show up, which never happened before:
    [q]And then there’s the Blidget, you can see that on my –>MySpace Page. Blidget makes your blog into a widget, and easily installs it for you on Myspace, or other blogs. RSS Comments Feed | TrackBack URI{/q]

    maybe that’s where the arbitrary partial post that is added on the front end is coming from. the feed?


    Well, no response, My Update:
    My webhost did a restore from backup. issues still existed. But went through my plugins deactivating them one at a time, found one that caused mucho problems, the Social Bookmarking plugin.

    got my themes restored. reactivated plugins one at a time. had to rebuild my sidebar.
    this has taken all day.

    Still have some issues. but deleted the post with the feeds. How did they get in there?
    And redid the post. and it finally saved it right.

    so I didn’t have to reinstall.
    but some of it was caused by my webhost, “maintenance”? huh?

    This has taken 15 hours to correct.
    Hope this helps anyone with similar

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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