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  • I am getting all blank screens for my root directory as well as the /wp-admin/upgrade.php page.

    Any advice appreciated

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  • Me too…

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


    Did you upload just the files that came with 2.1, or did you pack in your old themes and plugins before the upload?

    I forgot to delete my themes and plugins. I also (gasp) forgot to turn off my plugins. I just overwrote the files.

    Is it doomed?

    Hm…I deactivated all of my plugins and just uploaded 2.1 but I’m all blank as well.

    I deleted (first backing up) my themes and plugins annd uploaded what came with the zip and that worked!


    That’s what I’m doing right now, deleting everything. I’ll do a fresh upload once everything has been deleted, instead of doing another upload trying to overwrite the files from 2.0.7.

    Ok, my site is back up, although 2.1 doesn’t seem to like my theme very much, it’s knocked out my footer and my right sidebar. I still had some work to do on that anyway, so I’m not too fussed about it at the moment.

    I’m going to join in with a “me-too” on this… I’ve now done a complete delete of everything, including my wp-content and I can’t get to the wp-admin page or to wp-admin/upgrade.php

    I’ve re-uploaded my old /wp-content folder, so my site looks fine but I can’t do anything with it.

    If you download 2.1, delete the wp-content folder from the download and then upload the rest of the files (over-writing) you should be ok. You will have to go to the admin URL and that will prompt you for the upgrade script.

    The only files you never want to over-write on an upgrade are:

    /wp-content/ – (except changed content)
    wp-config – (which isn’t a problem as download will never have it)
    .htaccess file – Not a problem unless you delete your previous one



    I’ve done all that, but still no joy. In other words, I’ve uploaded everything new except /wp-content/ wp-config and .htaccess; those I’ve left alone in my original install.

    I still get a blank Admin page… nothing. I can’t get to the upgrade.php script because I never see it.

    Yet, the site still looks fine; I just can’t get to the Admin pages.

    Any ideas?

    The same thing… 🙁

    What’s your MySql version? You should have at least 4.0.0 or higher running! Also, did you delete ALL of your original 2.0.X files first?

    You should have deleted everything, except for the whole wp-content/ folder, wp-config.php, .htaccess, and any special plugin files outside of the wp-content/plugins/ folder!

    Then upload the 2.1 files. Also, make sure your MySql version is at least 4.0.0 or higher, and your plugins are compatible with 2.1. Check this list to be sure!

    Also, there was some default and classic theme file changes, so, you’ll have to upgrade those theme files accordingly. Make sure you backup those theme files, if you have special custom things done to them.


    spencerp, I have 4.4.4 version of mysql.

    spencerp, total reuploading all files in forced ascii mode, then uploading images in forced binary mode, deleting default theme and reuploading it helped. Thanks a lot!

    You’re welcome Cristobal. :);) Yeah, that’s what I do when I upgrade. It’s better to have ALL NEW FRESH files, then take the chance that something wasn’t quite overwritten. 😉

    Also, doing a hard clear of the brower cache sometimes helps too. CTRL + F5.. Can this be marked as [Resolved] now, or..?


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