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  • Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    Are you using the default link displayed by TML, under the Login form?

    Delete and reinstall the plugin, this solved all my upgrade problems.

    Deleted entirely and did a fresh install on our test site today, still same problem as on our live site.

    Do you see any problems with the code? I don’t see how we could have changed the default link, especially with the fresh install on the test site. Our web developers set everything up and it was working fine with the previous version (before the new WP pages were created).



    It’s really interesting, because I’ve been fighting with this for the last two days, and I finally figured out a way around it, but it’s extensive.

    I am on a multisite local version. What I did was create a brand new site, then I enabled the plugin. Turns out this plugin adds specific pages for each of the different functions. Which is great, but since I was upgrading the TML plugin, it was ridiculous that it didn’t work right away. I’m still trying to figure out how to get it to work on the original site, since I have a lot of sites that will be upgraded when I make it live. Will update you if I can find a process that works.



    So, I finally figured it out. If you are using a Multisite, this will help you.

    What I had done is deleted one of the pages, which once the database has determined which page is which means you can’t delete them because if you do, you lose the _tml_action id that defines the page.

    So I went into the database, found the wp_SITEID_postmeta table for the specific site. Then I went in and added any of the “_tml_action”s that were missing from the database to have the new id of the page and the value.

    Here were the steps I took:
    1. Made sure I have pages setup for each of the following:
    Login, Logout, Lost Password, Register, Reset Password and Profile.
    2. Each of the above pages need to have the shortcode: [theme-my-login] on them.
    3. Get the page id’s of each page respectively.
    4. Go to the database and look at the wp_SITEID_postmeta table.
    5. Search to see which of _tml_action you already have in the database and compare the post_id to the page id you collected in step 3.
    6. If they don’t match up, make sure to replace the post_id with the appropriate id.
    7. If they don’t exist copy one of the other _tml_action cells that is available.
    8. Leave meta_id to fill automatically (so leave it blank)
    9. Replace the post_id with a page id that you didn’t see
    10. Leave the meta_key as _tml_action
    11. Replace the meta_value with one of the following that corresponds to the page name you were using: “login”, “logout”, “register”, “lostpassword”, “resetpass”, “profile”.

    That should work. It worked like a charm for me!
    Best of luck!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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