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    My client was having difficulty adding new products to their site which I hadn’t altered in a year so I decided to update the e-commerce plugin (to 3.8.12). As a result, she is able to add new products, but a number of issues have arose, the main ones begin:

    • The categories page (in Default View) looks a mess. It has no images and information about products within each category is listed vertically without any differentiation between products. Also, no sidebars appear on this page.
    • On the products page, the description text for each product wraps below the product image rather than being on the side (again in Default View).

    On every page, in my browser’s console window, I see an error that the following file is missing: /wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-theme/wpsc-iShop.css?ver= I found a few threads regarding this and someone suggested I make a copy of the default.css file and rename it wpsc-iShop.css. When I did that, it did make put the description in bullet 2 on the same line as the image, but there other style issues arose perhaps worse than the wrapping text issue. The issue in bullet 1 was not resolved.

    What do I need to do to resolve these issues? Thanks in advance.

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  • Ps. The site is if that helps.

    Plugin Author Mihai


    Have you checked to make sure the theme you are using is compatible with the latest WPEC version?
    Most of the times users just update the plugin but forget to verify first if their current theme is up to date and following wordpress coding standards.

    Switch to the default 2010 theme from wordpress and if the issues no longer exist then its a theme issue and you should contact the theme developers.

    Don`t forget to flush the theme cache after you change themes (Store->Presentation).


    Thanks for your reply, Mihai. I switched to the WP Default theme and cleared the cache, and the display issues as well as the missing iShop.css stylesheet remained.

    Hi Mike,

    When upgrading did you go version by version? What was the last version that you upgrade from? There are DB routine that needs to be run.

    Thank you,

    Thanks for your response, Ray. I did not upgrade version by version. I simply saw WP suggesting there was a new version of the plugin and upgraded to the newest version and assumed it would handle everything properly. Any ideas as to what I can do to remedy the situation?

    It would seem this is an issue with the WP e-commerce plugin as the issue remains when I switch themes.

    Plugin Author Mihai


    I assume on your previous version you had the wpec theme files moved to your theme location (Presentation page).

    Most of the times after an update from an older version people don`t check the already moved WPEC theme files from their theme location.
    Some stuff has changed in the core wpec themes too along the time.
    Its kinda difficult to try and debug it here.

    hi Mike,

    There are database routines that needs to be run in some of the version of WPEC. If you want to try to fix your upgrade, what I would do is to first revert to your previous version (say by activating that version. Then go version by version. 3.8.9,, and so on till the latest, and whenever you see a DB routine upgrade, you should perform them.

    Be sure to take backup of your entire site and database always!

    Thank you,

    Is there any way to find out what version I upgraded from (in log files?) I didn’t make note of that…

    Where do I find previous versions? How do I activate them? Where do I see if there is a DB routine upgrade? How do I perform them?


    I’m really sorry you were having issues.

    You can find other versions here:

    And don’t forget to try the latest version from our site which is :))

    removed comment as it made more sense to create a brand new post for this issue.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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