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    I just upgraded my Magazine Basic theme and all of the customization I had done to the website is gone. The widgets were all removed from the sidebars, the width of the columns has changed. Even the banner for the header was removed and I had to re-upload it. is there any way I can revert back to the way it was, or am I going to have to completely rebuild my website from scratch again?

    My website:

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  • Hi JD,

    A lot depends on the following:

    • You upgrade your Magazine Basic… to what? Magazine Premium?
    • Where did you make these changes to the original site; i.e. Did you make these changes in the original theme, or in a childtheme?
    • If in the childtheme: use the settings in the childtheme and add them to the chiltheme of the new theme and test the result… else…

    The safest way to go about this is the following:

    1. Start by restoring a backup of the old situation!!
      If you don’t have a backup, ask your webhost if they will restore a RECENT backup for you.

    NEXT: Create a backup of the database to your PC!

    1. FTP: Make a backup of the files of your site, using FTP ‘Filezilla’ [free] or your own FTP-program.
      (see: )
    2. Make a backup of the CONTENT of the site
    3. dashboard > tools > export > all content > download exportfile
    4. If required: confirm installation of export tool and run the export
    1. FTP:Install the NEW theme ‘next to the existig situation’ by putting it in it’s own directory
    2. Dashboard > appearance > activate the new theme
      Your site will not yet be ‘OK’!
    3. Download, install and activate the ‘one click childtheme-plugin’
    1. Don’t make any changes to a theme itself. Instead make the changes to a CHILDtheme. Should the author of your original theme update the theme, your changes will not be overwritten. Your site with your adaptations will remain intact.
      (see: )
    2. Suggestion: use the ‘one click childtheme plugin’ to create a childtheme. It does what it says, without the risk of syntax-errors.
    3. How? Dashboard > Plugins > add new >
    4. search ‘one click child theme’ > locate and activate this plugin
    5. Then: Make sure you’ve activated your chosen new ‘parent’ theme
    6. Click Dashboard > Appearance > Childtheme
    7. Follow the instructions i.e. give the childtheme a name.

    8. Check if the childtheme is activated! Click Dashboard > Appearance > Themes
    9. Success!!
      You can now safely make changes to your childtheme to make the site just the way you want it

    10. Make the changes in the CHILDtheme!
      – copy php files / css-file(s) of the original theme [as required] to the childtheme directory and edit them as required.
    11. What’s NEXT?

    12. Start by setting up the ‘theme options’, they may differ from the previous theme version [ some themes have many options [better: more flexible] for you to set and tweak, other themes have [very] few]
    13. check if [in the new theme] the plugins are all there > if not install them
    14. make the rest of the changes by changing style.css and PHP-files in the childtheme
    15. Try if you may use the styles [from Mag basic to Mag premium] etc you set in the old site. To do this copy the content of your OLD ‘style.css’ and ADD [except ‘header’] to the style.css of the childtheme.
    16. Check the result. Adjust as required
    17. DON’T FORGET

    18. Make regular backups! Make sure you make a backup before you make any changes, so you have a way to restore things…

    Thank you

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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