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  • Every time there is a new version of WP, I am prompted to upgrade and I always provided with two choices in the Update page:

    You can update to WordPress 3.6–en_CA
    You can update to WordPress 3.6

    I usually pick the one highlighted (blue button = CA version) since I am indeed in Canada. But every time I end up with some weird minor issue, like this time the upgrade options are still there and WP claims I am now running a beta version.

    You are using WordPress 3.6-beta3-24485.

    At my work, I also have a site running WP and I am never offered a CA version. And never have upgrade issues.

    Should I stop using the localized version?
    Should I try to upgrade again?

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  • I ran into a problem like this several years ago. In my case, the answer was changing my wp-config.php file to read

    define('WPLANG', '');

    and making sure that was two consecutive single quotes with no blank in between. The problem was caused by some hosting company’s flawed One Click Install process that set the language to U.S. English.

    I suspect the localized version for Canadian English is not yet available for Version 3.6, but I’m not sure. Nonetheless, I would strongly recommend, as a fellow Canadian, that you stay clear of the localized Canadian version. It will only cause you grief during upgrades.

    Just one Canadian’s opinion….

    Thanks for the tip, I will proceed with a non-CA upgrade.

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