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  • OK.. So maybe I’m just too trusting. Maybe I have faith in things I shouldn’t. But… I saw the upgrade link through Bluehost and just hit it. No backup, just a head first dive…

    On my wife’s installation, no problems.

    But on mine, I’ve found three so far:

    First, my NEXT/PREVIOUS links that worked before no longer function. I can load the same template on my wife’s install and they work great, but not on mine.

    Also, these plugins will not work for me…

    Recent Comments List
    Tag cloud widget

    (I guess I should check to make sure they are compatible- not sure why i didn’t think about that- but the next/previous links should work, right?)

    So now what do I do? I’m confused beyond belief.

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  • Are you both using the same theme? Because of tag deprecation, some themes no longer work as expected in WP 2.1. I know I had to change my themes a bit (am still in the process of that) to make them work the way I want them to.

    Same theme will work on one but not the other… I’ve made it a point to grab themes that are 2.1 compatible…

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