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  • *snicker* You realize that there are system admins (*cough* Road Runner *cough* NetZero *cough*) out there for are still running Bind from years ago and don’t understand the need why they shoudl upgrade either.

    yes, and it’s equally pathetic.

    keep in mind that not everyone out there with a site is a webmaster or technical genius. There are quite a few people who use wordpress and other like products because you don’t have to be a web wizz to make a site. hell, some are even using auto installed versions of wordpress that hosts like godaddy offer. to get a feature they want, its just easier for them to drop a theme or plugin in and activate. I can see your point if it is a site ran by someone who had the know how, but again, there are many with little to no web skills out there who have sites.

    I can’t understand why people don’t upgrade either! I upgrade my site the second the new release comes out! I’ve seen some websites that are running the first version of WordPress that came out! UPGRADE PEOPLE!

    This is also why a lot of Open Source programs get such bad reps when hackers go after the sites that haven;t upgraded and they gain access.


    None of what you said makes any difference to me, and if you ask me — those are the people that shouldn’t be using WordPress or Mambo, or b2evolution, or anything similar.

    Ignorance is NO excuse.

    In My Perfect Internet, those people are relegated to a simple Tripod/Geocities site.

    I’ve made this argument time and time again:

    When you get a drivers license, it’s expected of you to know how to operate the brakes. You dont get to just push a pedal and steer, you have to be able to do other things as well in order to drive effectively.

    When you BUY a car, part of your ownership responsibility includes making sure that the oil is changed, tires are replaced, as needed, etc.. Not everyone knows how to change oil, but they do know that it has to be kept up, and they know they can always entrust someone else to to do it.

    Not surprisingly, it seems to be the same poeple — the ones who just want to be told how to do something, instead of being told where they can LEARN how to do something, that DONT upgrade. The correlation I’ve made between the posters on here that seem content to be “uneducated” when it comes to CSS, or using an FTP client, for example, and their own sites being compromisable is astonishing.

    What people don’t realize, wrongly ….

    1. .. is that having a web site that uses a dynamic language like PHP requires responsibility. Plain and simple.

    2. .. that what they do or don’t do affects the rest of the Web. A rooted site just provides one more place for another attack to stem from.

    There’s no excuse.

    WordPress is the car. And you have to change the oil, you have to lock the doors, you have to apply the brakes.

    Or else the car ought to be taken away from you.

    a lot of people don’t upgrade because they don’t perceive anything wrong with the version that they have. as long as it works the way need it to. then there are some who don’t upgrade right away because they want to see what bugs come around with the new release. this is something that I do. previous experiences have made it this way for me with WordPress. Now, if its like with this last release where it was done so because of some asshole hacker, then of course, i’ll upgrade as soon as I find out and have time. but if its just a general release, i’ll read up on the changes and then wait to see what, if any problems/bugs come about. saves me time for if there is a bug and I have to try to downgrade or repair later because of an update.

    I should add too, that any “excuses” that are made for people only enables them to continue to be irresponsible. Holding people accountable is a mandate of mine.

    I happen to enjoy the WWW. I happen to NOT enjoy that other people feel it’s their right to make it a less safe place by running software that’s known to be exploitable.

    I find that to be abhorant and reprehensible.

    Then there are those of us who are not completely statisfied unless they are running not the released versions but the bleeding edge pre release alphas betas etc. Lol thats me i admit it. I used 2.1 from first bleeding till release version and then jumped on the new 2.2 bandwagon lol rollercoasters are fun hehe.

    Since so many of us don’t want to “hear” that we need to upgrade, I’ve put together a form that allows web masters to “see” the results of not upgrading to the current version.

    The form is located here:

    and it’s self-explanatory.

    I’d love to upgrade. I’ve been having problems with my site which is one of those where I got my wordpress thru godaddy where they don’t offer any support. I also posted to the forums here when I was having problems and after a few days, never got a response.

    I’m trying to learn how to do all of this but not knowing if I have followed everything right in doing the back up versus the fear of losing everything I’ve worked on? Makes me hesitant to upgrade. It’s to the point where I realize I’m going to have to change my hosting to a company that will offer support on WordPress because I can’t find anyone local who knows the answers to the questions I have.

    So…not all of us who have not upgraded are being irresponsible.


    And I respectfully disagree. Fear of breaking your site isn’t a valid excuse — not for me.

    Fear of having your site rooted ought to weigh more heavily on you than “losing” it temporarily while you wait for someone to come along on these same forums and answer a question from you.

    It’s a hard reality to hear, I realize that, but I’m not apologetic for what I am saying. And the intentions are good.

    Well, if you can’t understand that I realize I don’t know how to do this and the instructions are not understandable and I don’t want to lose a year of work? I guess we aren’t even on close to the same page. I want to be able to do it so I don’t have to come here and ask for help after I’ve lost my site.

    I’m learning and I will figure it out or switch to a host that will offer support. Obviously you feel we all should know how to do this, I don’t. Nor am I ashamed to say I don’t understand exactly how to do all of this. I’m a blogger not an expert when it comes to technology. Most of us have had to learn to crawl before we walk.

    well I’ve been working at my trying to upgrade all day and its still not done. I am reverting back to the old version AGAIN! I am following the directions and its still not working – This sucks because I put myself on a deadline. I wonder if I am installing my content folder the wrong way, I am just replacing all the files – is that correct?

    As far as I remember, the wp-content/ folder is the one you should NOT touch during an upgrade… if we are talking about the same thing.

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