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  • Since I’m on a shared server, I do not have root access. Version 1.0.1 is installed. Can I, then, install the upgrade to 1.2 without root access? The installation does not seem overly complicated, except for tying into the database. Can I copy the settings from the present config file into the new config file and use the same database that the present installation is using? (The admin of the server I’m using will not want to bother with an upgrade, I think.)

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  • Mark (podz)


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    Present config settings will be fine (I’ve never altered my config file) and the same db is also used.

    Here is what I did. I installed the latest version in /wp instead of /wordpress. Then I copied config.php from /wordpress to /wp. Every time I tried to run /wp/index.php, I ended up in /wordpress. So, I renamed that folder. Then nothing worked. I tried upgrade and install, to no avail. So, I went to phpMyAdmin and emptied the database. Then I had to run /wp/install.php. It tried to create database entries, but they already existed, so there were a lot of database errors. After all was said and done, I ran /wp/index.php, and all appears to be working correctly.
    It appears that I should have emptied the database before trying to reuse it. I pass that information along for the next newbie who has the same problem.
    In a brand new install, does install.php create the mySQL database, or does it have to be created manually? Linux is awesome, but since I don’t know much about it, I don’t know how WP knows how to tie into mySQL. There must be some system parameters that I cannot see that tie the two together.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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