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  1. danixland
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hello everybody,
    in my experience I've encountered a few hosting where, for various reasons, the automated upgrade between different versions of WordPress didn't work so I started thinking about a way to safely upgrade WordPress uploading only new/changed files..

    What I came up with is a bash script (I have only GNU/Linux systems) that makes a checkout from svn for the 2 versions of WordPress (old and new one), and then makes a diff between them to show only the added/removed/changed files...
    As of now it just outputs a list which has to be manually reviewed, but I'm trying to find a way to automate the whole process...

    What I wanted to ask is if I am somehow reinventing the wheel.. has somebody already written something like this? Am I the only one who feels the need for a script like this??

    Please, let me know ;)

  2. Nah, I have a script for it too, but it does things differently. It's a different strokes for different folks thing :D

    Just remember, you STILL need to visit the back end to finalize the upgrade many times.

  3. danixland
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks for replying Ipstenu.. may I ask you what kind of approach did you follow for your script?? I'm still planning how to do things and maybe a different point of view can help me sort things differently..

    thanks a lot again ;)

  4. I use a variation of this: http://code.ipstenu.org/scripts/wordpress-upgrade-script/

    It does a bit more than JUST that right now (deletes Hello Dolly and Akismet before copying up, deletes (and backs up) my wp-admin and wp-includes folders too), but pretty much I call ./wordpress.sh <version> and then visit my site :)

    (the blame Nacin thing is a long standing joke!)

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