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  • Hi folks,

    A teacher asked me to update his WordPress from version 2.0.2.something to the newest.
    Everything went pretty ok, till i saw the frontpage afterwords. All the categories, pages, postings and comments are still there, but i get a 404 on the frontpage.

    The url is:

    And if i use the url i get some comments from an old posting.

    I used google to search for solutions, but didnt find people with the same problem, where only the frontpage showed a 404 after upgrading.

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  • Do the usual troubleshooting.
    Switch to the updated default or classic theme (i.e. the ones that come with 2.6.2). Does it work? Yes/No
    Deactivate all the plugins.

    I already did, no solution.

    When you upgraded, do you go directly from 2.0.2 to 2.6.2 without anything in between? i seem to recall you needed to upgrade to 2.3.x first, and *then* upgrade to 2.6.x because of some major database changes.

    You did back up the database first, right?

    if you did, you should revert it back, and then do the 2.3.x first before moving to 2.6.2.

    If you already did this stuf and are still getting the issues, try changing your permalink settings to default and see if that helps. It may just need to rewrite the .htaccess file.

    hi, i believe that Frontpage puts a different .htaccess page out there and overwrites what is there from wordpress…. not sure the workaround for that one but it is what is happening to me where i’m at and at every other host i’ve had before.. it has nothing to do with the sql database.. it does have something to do with the constant rewrite of the htaccess file by wordpress… prior to 2.4 i had no issue…. what was changed to do a mod-rewrite during subsequent versions?

    it also has to do with how frontpage extensions are installed on the server… on hostgator it takes the domain name without the www so if you’re using that, try removing it in the admin area to just the base domain name… e.g.

    then clean up the old extensions and reinstall the frontpage extensions on your server and then try your site beyond the home page.. you may have to resave the permalinks again.. however that will invoke the mod_rewrite and the cycle will start all over again…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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