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  • I maintain WordPress using a svn checkout, along the lines of

    $ svn sw

    Now, with twentyten being upgraded, but not a new tag for WordPress that I can find, is there a “clean” way to upgrade twentyten?

    From what I can tell, it is not handled in the same way as askismet (an external reference), so that I can’t just update twentyten. Grabbing the svn version of the entire tree is unattractive, as it will pull in all the other changes as well.

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  • Functional, but ugly, with unknown results when I switch to the next tag

    [jeff@port16 wp-content/themes/twentyten]$ svn sw -r 15464
    U    style.css
    U    functions.php
    U    loop.php
    U    page.php
    U    languages/twentyten.pot
    U    editor-style.css
    U    header.php
    U    attachment.php
    Updated to revision 15464.

    From the svn documentation:

    In other words, if a user knows that the branch work needs to happen on only a specific subdirectory, she uses svn switch to move only that subdirectory to the branch. (Or sometimes users will switch just a single working file to the branch!) That way, the user can continue to receive normal “trunk” updates to most of her working copy, but the switched portions will remain immune (unless someone commits a change to her branch). This feature adds a whole new dimension to the concept of a “mixed working copy”—not only can working copies contain a mixture of working revisions, but they can also contain a mixture of repository locations as well.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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