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  • Hi All,

    I’m new to WP and inherited a website to administer. It is currently on 3.4.1 using Leanbiz 1.7. For one i am finding this theme very restrictive.

    The previous developer said it wasnt wise to upgrade as i would lose customisation already undertaken (for the theme i assume).

    If i upgraded WP to the latest version would the Leanbiz theme i am using mess up? its a live system and I dont want to lose everything without knowing how to get it back to what it was.

      How to i back it up, so i can roll back if things go wrong?
      Transfer edits to new theme?
      How do i back up the theme too? as ultimately i would like to upgrade that too… due to all the restrictions.

    Thanks in advance

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  • C W (VYSO)


    To contradict the previous developer, it is unwise not to upgrade.

    Some theme customisations may require a bit of tweaking: that depends what exactly those are – e.g. CSS/HTML customisations shouldn’t be much of an issue, since they should by and large be WordPress-agnostic. If you’re using out-of-date plugins, these might have to be replaced with new ones. But I would regard any such obstacles as minor compared to the possible security vulnerabilities and reduced extensibility and customisability that result from not upgrading.

    The solution should never be “we’ll keep out-of-date software in order to preserve our customisations”. The solution should be “we’ll upgrade the software progressively and make the modifications necessary to ensure that everything continues to work smoothly”.

    You could create a test installation of WordPress somewhere, using 3.8. That will give you a sandbox with which you can test your theme, upgrade to the latest versions of all plugins, and find fixes for what isn’t working. You can download your current theme via FTP from the /wp-content/themes directory, and upload it to your test site. (You could also copy your database over to simulate the live environment if you wanted.)

    Thanks Cyrill,

    The only problem is this is hosted on her company’s servers and I don’t have access to all the files etc. I did request a dev environment but came up against a brick wall.

    Can i install WP 3.8 on my desktop ? Can i export the theme via back end manually?


    C W (VYSO)


    You can install WP on localhost (using WAMP or XAMPP) or on any server.

    There are plugins available that will allow you to backup WordPress in whole (if you want everything) or in part (if, for instance, you just want certain assets like the theme) directly through the WP back end. I can’t personally vouch for any particular solution, but if you do a search for backup plugins in the plugins directory you should find something that suits your needs: e.g. this one.

    Thanks again.

    I am in the process of trying to sort out wampServer2 to make a local install.

    I have installed the Updraftpro and managed to backup the website to my desktop. So hopefully it will all come together nicely.

    This has been really helpful and not sure why i didn’t think of doing this before. :o) The fact we may be at risk warrants my efforts at least!

    Will report back when all done.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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