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  • Since I upgraded to 3.2.1 this morning I have had the following problems:

    1: I have received about 60 spam messages.
    2: Also, I am not being advised when a spam posting has been made. 3: 3: Lastly I am not notified when someone does a posting that has a link, in spite of the fact I have checked off that feature on the Dashboard.

    Your help and advice will be appreciated,

    Earl Sands

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  • I also have this problem. Just upgraded to 3.2.1 from 3.1 something last nite and in less than 12 hours have had OVER 3k spam comments! Akismet has caught most of them, but about 100 came thru and got stuck in my “awaiting approval” queue. I went in and marked them all as spam, but wow, really? 3k? Just from upgrading? Crazyness. I’m getting about 10 an hour.

    My problem was solved by adding the Akismet plug in.

    Earl Sands



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    The amount of spam you get during any given period has nothing to do with the upgrade.

    Trustee was your spam as severe as this?

    I’m not clear myself how the notification system work if a URL is in the post but it is possible that if someone has had previously accepted posts the notification does not apply to them?


    Notifications do not apply to certain roles. You may want to investigate the user accounts posting.

    Reinstall Askimet and double check your key is active, it will warn you if it is not anyway I think.

    Also is it possible that pinging services and settings have changed after upgrading.

    I really don’t think there is a fault in 3.2.1 causing this not in terms of a bug but I’m wondering if somehow the installation caused a change or corrected something that was previously fault maybe even disabled using customisations in the WordPress core? Had any work done to your WordPress, did you install it yourself?

    I had previously installed Akismet so mine didn’t seem to be affected by that. I’m thinking the same as WebTechGlobal, in that something CHANGED or perhaps was left off during the upgrade. My install was also a pre-3.0 Multi-site, so it had been upgraded once before from a very tricky standpoint. The auto upgrade caused some issues so I had to manually overwrite all of the files, and then go thru one by one on each of the plugins and double check them. Akismet was turned off at a point during this time, but turned on well before most of these spam comments hit. I have since added a function to my theme that disables remote posting of comments (they must use the comment form).

    I did see a spike with incoming spam yesterday.. more than the last three months combined. It was all caught by Akismet. Many of the attempts fail by not answering the Math question on the form. Akismet doesn’t even see those failures.

    I just think it was typical bot sweep or manual spamming attack that happens on occasion. Maybe they time themselves with WordPress releases in hopes of finding a vulnerable installation or something.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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