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  • I wanted to install a plug-in and the minimum requirements = php 5. So i went from v4.3.4 to 5.0.4 and my two sites on this server are misbehaving. It seems everything I try to do, like delete a comment or even enter my blog I get a menu that opens up or downloads index.php, etc. to my desktop.

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    if you can go back – do. My plugin doesnt need PHP5.

    I replied within the actual plugin thread as well. 🙂

    i did go back (i think) and guess what. still a problemo. i am talking with my isp to be sure i am in fact back to php4 with no residue.

    this is why i am not an early adopter when it comes to software. that’s why i am reluctant to upgrade from wp2.1.1 if it ain’t broke…

    i just googled php4 vs 5 for insight and i know i won’t understand this stuff! =


    what you heard yesterday was a rollerblade crash, a database problem from a programer, and php5 affecting two sites, then i had to leave for other commitments!

    today i was able to go back to php4.4.7 though i needed to upgrade my webhost manager.

    but all is not right!

    i went to upgrade my permalinks in both sites and it says “update”

    and when i try to go into the blog page = index.php i get a pop-up window that says “you have chosen to open… because it is a php. this happens in safari, explorer and firefox. i am on a mac.

    so, any thoughts as this seems like a routine thing i have not encountered yet?

    this is probably not enough info and i can add upon request.

    thanks! r

    This may not be much help, but I’ve always had to restart Apache after fooling with php setup or config and of course when changing Apache things.

    ok, restart apache? like as it to “show previous reconfig?”

    i am using cpanel and whm. i will also ask the isp. thanks!

    There’s probably an really obscure setting or button to restart apache. (or stop it and then start it). Im not cpanel encumbered so I can’t say where it is. If your flipping php versions up or down or around, you need to usually almost always restart Apache so it picks up which version of php you switched to and what php config setting you modified.

    Do a quick web search for phpinfo.php and create/copy that to your root directory and run it Invaluable information when playing with php configuration.

    my isp has restarted apache. i can access one site now but one site on firefox (i am on a mac) i still get the pop-up php menu described above. and with both sites on all browsers when updating permalinks i get the blurb to update = i will do due diligence after breakfast to see what means. i will also do the same with the link you provided above. thank you.

    1) regarding .htaccess isue…

    i have read htaccess info/issues. i may not have this set up correctly though i thought site/permalinks was working for four months.

    my wordpress address =

    my index.php =

    my .htaccess =

    shouldn’t .htaccess sit in same folder as php.index?
    note: .htaccess was 644 but just changed to 666
    note: .htaccess has no code in it

    reminder, the only bottom line change was upgrade apache and webhost manager though i went from php4 to 5 back to 4.

    2) regarding pop-up php menu. this now only occurs in firefox on a mac platform. my isp says to check mime settings on firefox. not sure what they mean so i will ask.

    item 2) taken care off. it was a browser issue on the machine i was working on.

    regarding htaccess…

    my wordpress address =

    my index.php =

    my .htaccess =

    shouldn’t .htaccess sit in same folder as php.index?

    yes/no/depends? thanks.

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