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    Yesterday I noticed my RSS feeds weren’t working, so I went through the exercise of deactivating all my plugins and turning them back on one at a time. They work fine with everything but “Organize Series” activated. With it activated I get an RSS formatted 404 Page Not Found page. My comment RSS feed returned the contents that should have been in my regular RSS feed, but no comments.

    Deactivating OS, everything goes back to normal. I can repeat the issue by reactivating, and deactivating again clears it up.

    Any help, or instructions on how to downgrade, would be greatly appreciated.

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  • A fix is coming for this this week. I think I’ve isolated what is causing this.

    By any chance, are your series_toc_url and series_custom_base (via series options page) both set as the same values?

    It’s possible. If you let me know where exactly to find this info I’ll quickly activate again and check if it will help you debug the issue.

    If they are the same should I try changing one of them, or just wait to hear back from you?

    They are located as options on the Series Options page in your WordPress administration. If they are both the same and you change one to something different (for example the “Series Table of Contents URL” to ‘series-toc’) then try your rss feed you can see if it works.

    More thank likely this is the cause for the rss feeds not working in your case.

    That did it!

    My “Series Custom Base” was actually empty. You might want to protect against that. Thank you very much for your help. I’ll go change my “Broken” vote to “Works”.

    Update: Well, I would love to update my vote, but it seems to be failing. I’ll try again later.

    Thanks! I’ll have to check into why the custom base is empty. It could be something that happened with the upgrade.

    Thanks for your patience 🙂

    This is fixed in Organize Series 2.2.1

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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