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  • Hi Guys,
    I’m sorry I upgraded to version 5. First thing that happened: suddenly nothing in the admin menu about YOP.

    I deactivated and activated YOP. Then my admin menu was there, but no poll.

    I checked the database, and indeed, there was nothing in the poll table, so even if I go back to the previous version, there will be no poll.

    So there’s a cautionary tale for you.

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  • Check to make sure you don’t have 2 YOP Poll plugins in your plugin list. Mine showed both the old 4.9.1 and 5.0, but nothing in the admin menu for either. So I left 5.0 alone and reactivated 4.9.1. I got access to my data back, but the polls obviously no longer work. You may be able to reclaim your data this way. Just to be sure though, I restored the plugins folder from a backup created yesterday (I create backups every day) and reactivated 4.9.1. Still won’t work, but I got the data. I then exported all logs and took screen shots of every single results page anticipating a long fix by YOP. I’ve been running a survey for more than 9 months and cannot afford to lose this data, so if you’re in the same boat keep looking for a workaround and you should be able to get your data back.

    Your situation is different from mine, interesting, and a little concerning.

    Thanks for the ideas. The only good news for me is that my poll was in testing mode, but I still wanted to get this out in case it helps someone else to avoid our fate.

    This release, from the description, sounds like a big re-write, and may not have been all that well-tested. In fact if I had had something more important like yours, I would have held off on the upgrade.

    Thanks, Dave

    I am extremely disappointed! I had over 50 polls, after upgrade to 5.0 they are all gone!

    I do have a daily db backup so I am hoping to be able to fix this but still, these things should not happen.

    Same thing happened to me, upgraded and lost all polls, database tables are all empty. I had to revert to the old version and import database tables from a backup.

    Interestingly it looks like v5.0 creates it’s own set of tables prefixed ‘yop2_’ so I don’t know why it emptied the old tables as well?

    Same problem here, pools erased after updating. Noticed too late to put back the daily backup, damn it!

    Hi there, I got this error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in “path”/yop-poll/yop-poll-2.0.php on line 97

    How it is possible to fix the error? Thank you.

    I got the same error as dorel.puchianu
    Hope it’s gonna be fixed soon.

    Install version 4.9.1 manually. This will take care at least of the currently running polls.

    You can download it from the “Development” tab.

    Plugin Author YOP



    To avoid losing any data please don’t disable the plugin. Email us at{at] and we will assist you with the downgrade to 4.9.1 version.


    YOP Team

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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