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  • Since WordPress version is upgraded to 4.3, some of the plugin features did not work any more. To be more precise, shipping calculator (which worked perfectly before upgrade, and without any setup changes) does not show calculated amounts on the checkout page anymore, regardless on shipping calculation type. Also, some of the previously localized strings are back to default (English) language. Although we can try to translate reverted strings again, we would appreciate any help with shipping costs calculation problem, since our clients at the moment are getting the wrong info in attempt to order our goods.

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  • I also have this issue on several sites and this only happened recently. Daily (literally daily) all of the shipping methods become unchecked or disabled, even if I re-enabled them. I thought it had something to do with the fixed rate (simple shipping) plugin, so disabled that (wpsc-simple-shipping), but no change. This is on two separate web servers, running two different themes, and have had no issues for years until a recent update – either from WordPress or WPEC. They both use table methods and fixed rate methods to allow for local pickup.

    Gorana, do you use Wordfence?

    No, can you explain me what is Wordfence and how can I use it?

    It’s just a security plugin. I was monitoring cron jobs in WordPress and it seemed to be that around the same time the daily cron for Wordfence ran, I lost the shipping options. I installed the plugin Crontrol to monitor it, and am just waiting for the last three cron jobs in a 24 hour span to complete.

    Nothing happened, still not working, my website is broken for more then 10 days. I don’t know what to do. I wrote to all supports but I got no answer, wp-e-commerce is terrible!

    I think you misunderstand – I was using it to troubleshoot my own installations for clients. I wasn’t offering a method to fix the issue, just seeing if your problem was similar to my own, as we have the same symptoms. I do agree however that support is slow to respond, but keep in mind you are not paying for the quick support package unless you have purchased the “gold cart” or buy support tokens.



    Have you tried the steps in the troubleshooting guide?

    If you have tried this you may want to get one on one help.

    If you’re using Gold Cart extension most likely you need to update to the latest Gold Cart version for compatibility.

    Support via these forums is provided by the community of users and we do try to help people here when we can.

    Unfortunately following the steps doesn’t change anything – even if I disable all plugins with the exception of WPEC and a payment gateway that isn’t on the other site, it still disables any shipping options. Again, this is two separate sites, two separate installations, and two different themes.

    On three other sites that I have not updated to 4.3.1 and the latest version of WPEC, the shipping options remain unchanged, and I have no issues with them. One is running, one is, and one is on 3.9.1. I hesitate to do any kind of updates on them knowing what will likely happen. The sixth site doesn’t contain any shipping options, so I’m not as concerned, but still a high percentage of failure looking at a cross section of fairly active eCommerce sites.



    Can you provide a list of all the versions you have installed on the non working sites?

    Gold Cart
    Simple Shipping

    There is nothing programmatically that would just randomly disable shipping.

    WordPress is 4.3.1
    WPEC is 3.10.1
    SS is 1.1

    Maybe not on your side, but in the latest update of WP? table_rate_layers are stored in the _options table, so I’m assuming the rest of the vars for WPSC are in there too – I can write a script to monitor them today and check for changes, then email me when it happens, and I’ll compare against cron jobs and logs. Maybe it’s getting flushed out with transients?

    OK, so it just happened. I was monitoring the variable custom shipping options, and it actually changed from tablerate to shipwire at 5:30pm.


    Survey of cron tasks says:

    wpsc_daily_cron_task 2015-10-04 17:33:40 (now)

    Actually, both ran at the same time – if that helps. I’ve never heard of shipwire until now, and realized it’s an option right above the shipping modules.

    wpsc_twicedaily_cron_task 2015-10-04 17:33:40 (now)

    I appear to have fixed the issue on the two sites by commenting out line 57 in shipwire.php – it updates the custom_shipping_options but replaces the array completely with just ‘shipwire’, which makes it look like tablerate and fixedrate are being unchecked.

    I haven’t traced back as to why this file is being called and when, as it looks like the cron jobs just delete expired visitors and clear stock claims.



    Same problem here, on 2 different websites hosted on 2 different servers.
    I’ve commented line 57 of shipwire.php and will keep an eye on it. Thanks

    Thanks for confirming Gus, I also have a script you can put into your root folder that will monitor the custom shipping options variable and notify you via html5 desktop notifications in the browser, and via email. Let me know if you need it. If you’re all set and back to normal (both sites in my case are working normally now), at least we know what the developer needs to fix now.

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