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    Hi all,

    I’m experiencing a weird problem for the first time. I wonder if it has happened to you and how did you solve it.

    Basically my WP is shown OK only if I am logged in. If I logout and see it as a regular visitor, then sidebars are shown at the bottom of the main column and my header is not shown.

    Just before it happened I’ve updated to WP3.5 and everything seemed to be just fine. I wanted to update some content so I set on the maintenace mode (I use “maintenance mode 5.4 plugin from Michale W√∂hrer“) Then I realized not only my maintenance page was not shown to not logged visitors, but also my front end was broken!

    I’ve tried to reinstall the same plugin as del as some other ones but not only none worked, also the problem for visitors remained. They nay can see the blog as it should if they are logged in.

    I’ve seen post talking about a “.maintenance” file located on my root folder but I can’t see it (maybe because maintenance mode is not working)

    Any clue on how to solve it?

    thanx a lot,

    Jose Pedro

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  • WPyogi


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    Have you deleted that plugin from the plugins file? Try deactivating all of your plugins and then resetting the plugins folder:

    The page for the plugin looks like it may be outdated…

    Thanx a lot WPyogi,

    I forgot to mention but I also tried to deactivate all plugins from within backend but it didn’t worked. I’ve just followed what you told me and deactivated via FTP and it works again. Althoug there’s a samll issue whit it…

    I renamed plugins folder to plugins.old and created an empty plugins folder. It worked fine. So I wanted to find wich plugin was breaking my blog. I deleted the empty plugins folder and renamed plugins.old back to plugins. Front end was broken again as expected. So I tried to rename each plugin folder. After renaming some of them. I rename google-analitycator and I worked fine. But then (and here’s the strange thing I renamed each plugins to it’s original name and i worked!!

    Conclussion: I don’t know wich pluing broke the blog as it worked again just by renaming each plugin folder from X to X.old and then back to X again.

    This is a thing I don’t like at all when things work and you don’t know why. At least it is working.

    Thanks again WPyogi



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    Plugins can do that sometimes — just quirky or cranky :). Glad it decided to work for you.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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