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  • A_Fi


    Dear ALL,
    I have created my site on Version: 3.1.24
    Can I upgrade to 3.2.1 easily without disrupting the work done so far?

    …if yes, I have downloaded the new Version: what shall I do now to “transfer” my site onto the new Version?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Theme Author Nicolas


    Hi @a_fi,
    This is impossible to say precisely without actually seeing what kind of work you have been doing on your website.

    However, it is possible to estimate the upgrade impact risk based on the type of customizations you have done :

    1. you did all your customizations in the customizer option panel => NO RISKS, the settings saved in the customizer will stay untouched after the upgrade.
    2. you only did some CSS customizations => LOW RISK, only some visual issues easy to fix if any. You won’t get a blank screen or ugly error messages
    3. you did simple javascript customizations (jQuery DOM stuffs) => LOW RISK, only some visual issues easy to fix if any. You won’t get a blank screen or ugly error messages
    4. you did PHP customizations with with filters and actions (hooks API) in a child theme => LOW RISK, just check the hooks that have been deleted or modified here
    5. you did PHP customizations with filters and actions hooks in the functions.php of the theme without using a child theme => AVERAGE RISK : you might use a child theme and transfer your customizations into it otherwise your custom code will be lost on upgrade
    6. you did PHP customizations without using filters and actions hooks, by modifying core classes of the original theme that you have copied in a child theme => HIGH RISK => before doing any upgrade, you should carefully read the changelog and check the diff report between v3.1.24 and v3.2+. You should also thoroughly test on a development server before migrating to production

    I hope this will help you take your decision.

    To transfer the theme manually :
    1) activate another theme (if you don’t want to display another theme, activate the maintenance mode with a plugin like this one before)
    2) delete the previous version of Customizr
    3) go to theme > add new > upload and upload the .zip file of the latest Customizr version.




    Thanks Nicolas,
    I will try and revert back with results.
    Meanwhile, there are some little bugs in 3.2.1 I am discovering…


    Theme Author Nicolas


    Could you please report the bugs mentioned above?
    Thanks for your contribution,

    For instance, the responsive Menu does open and collapse straighaway (does not stay open) on iPad and iPhone

    Theme Author Nicolas


    @stellamaris5 : I can’t reproduce this, does it also happen for with your ipad/iphone?

    yes, it does happen for themesandco website , tried on my colleagues iPhone 4s just now which i’ve never used before using Safari browser

    Hi Nicolas,

    I just posted this issue here

    I can confirm that in Portrait mode on an iPad the menu either doesn’t stay down or it opens and then it can’t be closed because it re-opens again. It’s similar to the issue with the fonts jumping two pixels in Font Customizer.



    Hi Nicolas, that is exactly what I see as well.

    Thanks Laracy17 for confirming that I am not going mad here 🙂

    Actually I have narrowed down the issue a little bit as it doesn’t happen on my site where the menu list is quite short. It only happens when the menu list is longer than 1024px (bottom of the iPad screen in portrait mode)


    Firstly, I need say thank you for a beautiful theme. I use this for my college work as a part of my portfolio. Unfortunately, today I had the same problem.My menu header isn’t working either after upgrading to v3.2.1. Well after the update I refreshed the page a couple times but the issues still didn’t change. My top menu was not showing and finally when was presented all buttons moved to the top header. Additionally, the header is not visible after page move up and I am not able to remove the page title by the use of .entry-title {
    display: none;
    Thanks for all your help

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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