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  • I want top upgrade WordPress from 3.0. to 3.1.2 and but my multiple sites (network) does not work. I can see “My Blogs” in the Dashboard-Tab and I see both networks with two directories and but I cannot access the dashboard of the english version. I get a 404-Page not found.

    What I did, was intall the new WordPress Version 3.1.2 and then insert the data of the old database. I had some problems with the users table, the first id was duplicate so I couldn’t insert the users at the beginning. Then I updated the admin-user and inserted the rest of the users without the first id.
    Also I uploaded the plugins and the theme directories and the blogs.dir.

    Everything looks fine in the fontend. Except for the Contact-Forms (Informations of the Plugins) and the englisch Version of the site. I cannot reach these sites at all.

    The maintenance mode plugin is active, as long as the site is not ready yet.

    I was wondering if I have to “downgrade” to the old wordpress version 3.0 again, to get the site working?

    Thanks for your help,


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  • That’s a really … weird way to upgrade. Why didn’t you just copy the new 3.1.2 files over your 3.0 ones and use the internal db upgrader? Which is probably why things are out of sync come to think on it.

    Go to

    Run ‘Re-install automatically’

    See if that fixes it.

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