• LOL, months waiting for 3 just to deal with hours of issues and conflicts with other plugins and add-on’s. Running my basic forms until I find a new form dev. Stay on 2.9 as long as you can, that’s my 2c.

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  • Plugin Contributor Zach Skaggs


    First, if you are having any issues with version 3 we have a very simple, one click rollback to 2.9 to help you avoid any downtime at all on your site. No matter what issues you encounter on 3.0, this button returns everything to the way things were meaning there is almost zero risk in updating.

    Second, when you’re ready to make the update if you run into problems we also have support and development teams dedicated to helping our users get up and running with 3.0: https://ninjaforms.com/contact/ We would love to help get you up and running ASAP, so please contact us for help!

    I can assure you the update is not a joke, and while we hate that you’ve had a negative experience and certainly want to make it better for you, we have had an overwhelmingly positive reception to 3.0 so far and the vast majority of users who have updated are loving it.

    Some users, especially those with significantly out of date themes or plugins, have encountered issues. As mentioned above, though…one simple click and you’re back to before the update allowing you and us time to work together to solve whatever issues you may have encountered.

    Completely deactived / deleted / installed and activated version 3. All plugins up to date, including latest version of WordPress. Am seeing old version / layout, with new version number, v3.02. Have already send email to support, got response from general@wpninjas.com. No joy as yet.

    Plugin Contributor Zach Skaggs


    Go to Forms -> Settings -> Advanced and you can upgrade to 3.0. Some users aren’t seeing the upgrade banner and we have a fix for that for early next week.

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