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  • Today I discovered that my blog had been hacked, and all my posts were loaded with hidden links to movie download sites. Apparently my password was not strong enough so I changed it to a much stronger one. My concern, after reading another posting, is that they may have left backdoors into the blog for future hacking.

    I had 73 posts thus far, and began editing them manually to clean up the mess. I also noticed that WP had upgraded to 2.9. I contacted my host about upgrading MySQL and they said I had to create a new database to support this version of WP.

    Rather continue cleaning up the hacker’s mess, I created the new database and exported the old WP install to my desktop. I moved the old install to a separate directory. I have re-uploaded my preferred theme and have it working.

    My host’s site doesn’t support an import of my database’s size via their MyPHPAdmin tool (limit=3mb, my db=7mb), and my account doesn’t include SSH. I’m waiting on them to tell me how to restore the database in the new install so I can recover my site.

    How do I access my original site’s pages (i.e., the pages which were not a part of the blog)? I can get to it sort of by entering the path in the browser address bar but how do I navigate to those lower pages? I need to bring that content over as well into the new install until I can get the database restored for my blog posts.

    This is a messy situation right now.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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