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  • I upgraded to 2.6
    All seemed to go well until it asked me to log in again.
    It would not let me in.
    I was using the correct password as Firefox was entering it for me.
    Reset the password.
    Cleared the cookies still nothing.

    If I go to my site and login there, it works fine, I see my username.
    If I click on “Site Admin” I can’t get past the login screen despite being logged in !
    If I click on my name to go to my profile page, or if I click on “Write A Post” I can get into the admin are no problem at all !

    Any ideas?


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  • aha. just dumb luck. I went in to view my blog, and although I couldn’t logon, I clicked “log out”, then I logged in using my new password. Stupid, easy. Now I am in to my admin again.

    I couldn’t logon in Safari, my usual browser, but then I was able to logon in Mac Firefox, my infrequently-used browser.

    After that, inexplicably, I could log on using Safari.

    I have 20 authors on the blog–several can not log on in one browser, but can another. Most of them cleared up, except several IE Firefox users.

    Hi All-

    I have just spent the last hour playing around with this. I upgraded and had the same exact problem. Upgraded to wordpress 2.6 and using mozilla firefox browser. I was finally able to get the right combination and it worked perfectly. So I figured I would post here for the good of the cause.

    Basically here is what I did:
    1. Went to Tools in browser and clicked clear private data. I selected to clear the cookies also.
    2. Then went into phpmyadmin to access databased.
    3. Selected to browse the users table (last table on left toolbar)
    4. Selected user and then edit
    5. type in new password in the password field.
    6. In the function field I selected the function MD5 which encrypts the password.
    7. Cleared all of my private data including cookies
    8. went to and logged in using the new password. It WORKED!

    Here are two pages you might find helpful.

    Hope it helps!

    I had the same issues, unable to login with primary browswer, while secondary browser worked. Same effect on different machines…points to WordPress as the culprit.

    I believe that session state is kept in the database and upgrading without logging out is the culprit.

    Once I had logged out, I could then login. Next time I upgrade, I will be sure to logout first!

    OmegaMan –

    HOW did you log out?


    The site I’m having this problem with doesn’t offer “Log Out” because I’m not logged in. Bizarrely, When I clicked “Log In” it took me to the login page again, and that time, let me in.

    I have set up sites where I have the Meta section either disabled or hidden, so that “Log In” (or Out) doesn’t appear in the sidebar the way it does by default. That would pose a huge problem. It’s bad that you have to go through that link to get to the dashboard, but it’s really bad if you can’t do it that way either…

    I have cleared the cache and private data, closed and reopened the browser, used a different browser (several, in fact), rebooted the machine…

    None of those works. It sounds like there’s something wrong with the redirection instructions, but I don’t know what page those are on. Anybody?


    Same problem….. couldn’t login after 2.6 upgrade. Even having new password sent didn’t work. I tried your suggestions…clearing cookies, temp internet files, etc. help. I tried changing passwords on MySql database…no help.
    Someone suggested de-activating plugins, but didn’t say how so I used FTP to delete all the plugins. Then had a new password sent and it worked!!!
    Once in, I quickly updated my users, etc and downloaded and installed the plugins I wanted.
    To the other person who was asking ‘How do I deactivate plugins when I can’t get to the dashboard?’ There’s one answer.
    Thanks again to all who made great sugestions. I couldn’t get there alone.
    Great forum!
    BTW FYI I upgraded using WordPress Automatic Upgrade with the ‘automatic’ option. In the past I have used the plugin, but only one step at a time.

    I had the same problem, but not caused by not deactivating plugins. It appears it was of the “not logged out” variety. The way I resolved it was by pasting in the “log out” url directly into the problem browser. You can find yours at

    You are correct Liz0nt0p

    Posted 1 week ago #
    aha. just dumb luck. I went in to view my blog, and although I couldn’t logon, I clicked “log out”, then I logged in using my new password. Stupid, easy. Now I am in to my admin again.

    I did that and it worked fine. You don’t have to reset your cookies or nothing. Just logout and log back in and it works.

    I am new to WordPress and have been using version 2.5.1 without a problem.

    Hva just started a different site and within a few logins I was unable to login again.

    I am not a techie on php as all I can do is adjust fonts and titles etc at the moment – so I had to delete and reinstall via c-panel ( which won’t give me the option of using any other version than 2.6 !)

    Anyway, I have just got halfway through my new site over two days and this evening couldn’t login again. !!

    Have copied page sources of my work on the site just in case and have been baffled by the methods people are suggesting here.

    I use Firefox but I do have IE as well on Windows Vista.
    …Firefox will not let me in at all. So I tried IE and it has let me in. How long for I have no idea and it is worrying for me so I can imagine how some of you guys are feeling if you have loads of members locked out of your blogs.

    Is there anyway of ‘downgrading’ back to version 2.5.1 from 2.6 without effecting content of the sites or are we all stuck with this obviously not fully tested by the WordPress gangs version ?

    Sorry WordPress people, even though I wish I had found this way of working before, I am not impressed that a patch or some easy fix is not widely available already for what is obviously a huge problem for a hell of a lot of people.

    I really hope this gets resolved soon as it is very frustrating and each time I log in I wonder if it will be my last.

    Just tried LCD-NYC method of using the login link on the site and I have just got in on Firefox.
    I don’t have the logout option on my page, only login.

    To be honest I don’t want to have the admin links on my site as it is not intended to be a blog site but if this is how I have to work then I will.
    Wonder how long it will be before it blocks me again though.

    Having the same problem. Login page just keeps refreshing, no redirect to Admin. Using Firefox 3.0.1. Logged out, deleted all the plugins via ftp, created new password in mysql admin, cleared cookies and private data, closed browser and reopened. Nothing is working. Next will try deleting everything and starting with a fresh installation, not an upgrade.

    I am also having the same problem as everyone else. When I was using WP 2.5.1, some browsers on some platforms would work and others wouldn’t, so I agree it seems to be a WordPress issue. Now that I have upgrade to WP 2.6 and moved to a newer server with the latest versions of the LAMP platform, I was originally allowed to log into the admin section, even though my main blog page would never display and instead was a white blank page – not even a 404 error.

    But, after I was automatically logged of for some reason, I have never been able to log back on with any browser on any platform.

    Tried all the methods suggested above including using phpAdmin to reset the password in the mySQL table on the server, but still unable to log in.

    Well, I am now able to log in by using PhpAdmin and making sure that the function for the password is set to MD5.

    I’m having the same problem, tried all the listed solutions from 2.5.1

    This version could break the reputation of wordpress – I’m really disappointed. Having tried everything I’ve reverted to backup and even that was hard to get working.

    Back to the drawing board guys!

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