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  • I upgraded to 2.6
    All seemed to go well until it asked me to log in again.
    It would not let me in.
    I was using the correct password as Firefox was entering it for me.
    Reset the password.
    Cleared the cookies still nothing.

    If I go to my site and login there, it works fine, I see my username.
    If I click on “Site Admin” I can’t get past the login screen despite being logged in !
    If I click on my name to go to my profile page, or if I click on “Write A Post” I can get into the admin are no problem at all !

    Any ideas?


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  • Tried clearing all temporary Internet files?


    I cleared all temp internet files including cookies and it solved the problem for me.

    I enter my username/password immediately after installing WP 2.6 (admin/whateverrandompw). It basically reloads the same page and tells me to do it again. Nothing happens, I haven’t changed the pw or even been given the opportunity to. If I start an entirely new blog, new MySQL DB, from scratch, same problem. Tried logging in via my IP address, and – same problem.

    Neither clearing cookies nor temp internet files did absolutely anything at all. I tried this on 3 PC’s using both Firefox 3.0 and IE7. One of the three PC’s has also never been to the site before so cookies make no difference.

    Whats the deal? Thanks very much for any help; if any file contents would be helpful, let me know and I’ll post them.

    Microsoft Windows Enterprise Server 2003 R2 (x64)
    IIS 6.0 Web Server (x64)
    PHP 5.2.1 (compiled x64 binaries)
    MySQL 5.0.51b-community edition (AMD64 Windows Essentials)
    Wordpress 2.6

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    Yes, I cleared my cookies and all temporary files, still did not work.
    I don’t see how I can be logged in to my site, get access to create a post but not go straight in to the admin section !


    I found out that i could use to login på instead i had to use
    Before the update i didnt have to do that..

    I had this WP 2.6 login problem when using Safari (v3.1.2).
    I tried Firefox (v2.0.0.11) and did not have the problem.

    I’m using firefox having the same problem

    I upgraded a site in maintenance mode. cleared all cookies in safari.

    wp-login works but then wp-admin redirects to the maintenance front page and does not give access to the admin screen that would allow me to turn off maintenance mode.

    my .htaccess set to redirect all www. to URL without www. but same thing happens without the .htaccess.

    I followed the upgrade instructions perfectly, and got as far as step 2, “Visit your main WordPress admin page at /wp-admin. You may be asked to login again.”

    Now logins don’t *fail* exactly, but they don’t move me past the wp-login screen. I get no error (unless I deliberately mistype my password), but I’m completely and totally locked out of WordPress. I cannot access any /wp-admin/ pages; I get redirected back to the login.

    WordPress is completely and totally broken for me, and clearly for many others as well. I’ve cleared every temporary file, with no effect.

    I’ve tried three different browsers on Windows (FF, IE, Safari), and finally after trying Safari/Mac, I noticed that I *am* being redirected to /wp-admin/, but then immediately returned to wp-login.php.

    This will be my last WordPress upgrade, assuming I can ever actually successfully upgrade it.

    Clearing cookies doesn’t work, I’ve done it several times in several different browsers on two different computers.

    Switching browsers doesn’t work. See previous note.

    I’m not getting a blank page; I’m being return to the login screen.

    The public site is perfectly fine, .htaccess is working perfectly.

    I’ve reset the admin password using PHPMyAdmin.

    I’ve used that password plus two others.

    In *all* cases, the result is the same: I am returned to the wp-login.php screen, with no error messages.

    If I actually do use the wrong password, I do get an error.

    I tried changing wp-login.php to not look up the site URL in the database; that made no difference, so I restore the original wp-login.php.

    I am stuck. I can’t see any way forward other than migrating to a different blogging platform, but perhaps there’s a suggestion that hasn’t been tried yet? I can’t explain why some people have problems and others don’t, since I followed the instructions exactly. I’m running on a Linux server.

    Try clearing your ht.access file as well.

    Renaming the .htaccess out of the way broke the public site permalinks, of course, but did nothing to resolve the login problem.

    Problem solved. I made several backups, at each step of the way, and going through them step-by-step, I see that I missed deactivating one of my plugins! I set the permissions on that one plugin to unreadable, and then I could log in and was sent to the upgrade.php and everything is fine.

    My fault: I *thought* I had deactivated all plugins, but I missed one.

    arrg..I just did the 2.6 update, and had the same issue that you described with my login and password not working. I tried to reset, and got a new password from wordpress, but that didn’t work either. Pwinn, can you explain to me how you deactivated your plugins? I can’t get to my blog at all.

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