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    I can’t activate Radar 2.0 for my stripe account because i am using plugin version 4.0.7 and currently payment don’t meet required integration. Are you working on this update ? Or what should i do if it already compatible.


    Best Regards,

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Support Laurena Rehbein


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    Hi @gtechahmed,

    You can use Radar with Stripe 4.0.7. This is activated in your Stripe dashboard. More information here:

    There is a link near the bottom of that page to either Active Radar or get in touch with Stripe for more information.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks for responding.

    Stripe Radar 2.0 required integration which does not meet when placing order with Woocommerce Stripe Payment Gateway plugin. Please take a look at screenshot:

    Looking forward for your reply. I want to know if there is a plan to release update with Radar 2.0 integration. Or i need to find another solution ?



    Plugin Support Yuki K. a11n


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    Hi there,

    I’m not seeing any mention of Radar 2.0, but you can open an issue in the public WooCommerce Stripe GitHub repo:

    Plugin Support AW a11n


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    Hey there again!

    I was able to confirm on my test site ( using the latest Stripe plugin) that it does indeed support Radar, and you can test that using the specific Radar test cards found here:

    We have the exact same issue. Only certain customers on Stripe have the ability to upgrade to Radar 2.0 on their early release program.
    Any idea when a new version will be available to support this?

    Using the current plugin version, here are the things it passes and fails on:
    PASS: Collect payment information using tokenization
    FAIL: Create payments using the customer object
    FAIL: Save cards using the customer object
    ⁣PASS: Provide customer email address
    FAIL:Provide customer name

    Plugin Author royho


    Our plugin already supports Radar 2.0. Stripe had an issue with this and was told it was fixed today.

    I have the exact same problem as gtechahmed on his screenshot. Stripe tells me that in order to upgrade to Radar 2.0 I must:
    Create payments using the customer object
    Save cards using the customer object
    Provide customer email address

    I’m using the latest stripe for woocommerce extension today (4.1.1) and I refreshed the Stripe status, I even got an order without being able to active Radar 2.0. Is it still a problem on their side? Do we have to activate something inside or WP dashboard or stripe settings inside Woocommerce?
    Thank you.

    I also am having this same exact problem. I would really like to be able to enable Radar 2.0. I have the same radar integration checks not passing as everyone in this thread. Hopefully its just something in my woocommerce stripe settings.

    Plugin Author royho


    So far we’ve only seen this issue when payment is added via the My Account route. When they pay via checkout and opt to save the payment method then, those saved cards do work with Radar 2.0. Can someone confirm this to be the case?

    I do not have a option currently on my site to make a account. It’s all through guest checkout.

    Thank you for the follow up.
    Stripe now only requires the customer object:

    “Create payments using the customer object
    Save cards using the customer object”

    I’m using the default woocommerce installation. With the “capture payment” option inside the Stripe Woocommerce settings. I don’t use the inline cc form and don’t use 3D Secure, but also don’t use the Stripe Checkout Page.
    I guess this is what xblkvs calls the guest checkout because my customers order first and then can access their account.

    If all the customers need to save their payment info, I guess I won’t be able to use radar? Most of them don’t save their info. Is it possible to make it mandatory or to bypass this in order to use radar 2.0?
    Thank you.

    Yes, the same issue here.

    At the same time in our settings Stripe Modal Checkout is un-cheked because we want the customer to use the embed form, insert the CC details directly on the website and not using a pop up or redirect to Stripe.

    At this point we can/t upgrade to Radar 2.0 because of this points:

    FAIL – Create payments using the customer object

    FAIL – Save cards using the customer object

    ⁣FAIL – Provide customer email address

    Any solution, update of plugin?

    Thank you,

    why is this marked as resolved, I wonder? People still seem to be having the same issue as me and the OP.

    I opened my Stripe account today, and am setting up my store. I am using the WooCommerce Stripe Gateway Version 4.1.5, installed today. I am having the same issue, in that I can’t activate Radar 2.0, and my stripe upgrade screen looks the same as gtechahmed’s
    PASS Collect payment information using tokenization
    FAIL Create payments using the customer object
    FAIL Save cards using the customer object
    FAIL Provide customer email address
    PASS Provide customer name

    Is this a plugin problem or do I need to change settings in Stripe or WC?


    Plugin Author royho


    @markwsalisbury @sorinv the error you’re seeing suggests the payment has to be done via a saved payment method with a customer attached.

    So test it yourself by putting the Stripe setting to test mode and then go to checkout, enter the payment details and check the box that says “save payment…” and see what happens then.

    Hello, I think your implementation is not using the customer / source object relationship properly. Hence the impossibility to activate radar 2.0 using your plugin.

    Could you please take a look at how to save the source to a customer object, or ask any of stripe’s developers on github for directions?

    Let’s improve this great plugin!

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