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    I’ve been wondering whether this is possible and would like some input.

    When I’m upgrading WordPress in any version, would it be possible to simply download the latest WordPress software files, unzip them on my hard drive and then upload them to my server using FTP while overwriting the existing files?

    Or would this delete all the existing comments and posts on a blog? I’m asking since this would be the fastest way to upgrade a whole list of blogs to the latest version?

    Does anybody experienced enough know this?
    Thanks in advance

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  • Yes you can do it that way. Comments, posts and all blog settings are not stored in a file, but in the database.

    Keep in mind there may be some things you don’t want overwritten – such as plugins, customized themes etc. If that is the case leave wp-contents alone. Also, if you have added any custom rules to your htaccess file you may want to leave that alone as well.

    Of course we don’t have to remind you to deactivate all plugins prior to this, right?

    Thanks people,

    LenK, no you don’t have to remind me about the Plugins and I appreciate your explanation in detail. It’s good to know there is an easy way to upgrade instead of having to fuss around like normal.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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