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  • thanks! nice new default template.

    I tried the upgrade, but I think I messed something up, I get multiple errors in step 2 of the upgrade from .71gold to .72beta.
    1. SQL/DB Error —
    2. [Table ‘b2.wp_posts’ doesn’t exist]
    So basically I have rolled it back to .71 gold release. Here is another noob question. How come my version numbers at the bottom of the screen keep going from .5 to .6 or something everytime I load the page. Everytime I load the page it says I have a diffrent version, lol.
    Thanks for any help.

    That’s not the version, that’s the load time. It sounds like yoru config file may have had the wrong table names. Double check that!

    These are the names of the tables in my b2 database:
    and this is the part of the config.php file you are refering to, right?
    $tableposts = ‘b2posts’;
    $tableusers = ‘b2users’;
    $tablesettings = ‘b2settings’;
    $tablecategories = ‘b2categories’;
    $tablecomments = ‘b2comments’;
    // tables for link manager
    $tablelinks = “b2links”;
    $tablelinkcategories = “b2linkcategories”;
    I think everything looks fine here. Any other suggestions? (LOL, on the load time-version number).
    Thanks, Shawn.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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