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  • twoalone


    I just read the thank you post by Shep and want to second that. Thanks to everyone for all the help given to everyone here.
    My question-
    I’m a WP/PHP/CSS newbie. Currently running 1.2 w/ Kubrick. From what I’ve read 1.3 is very different than 1.2 – should I upgrade now.
    If I’m going to be learning from the ground up, wouldn’t it make more sense to learn the latest release? Or would learning 1.2 first be a better base for learning 1.3 ?
    (I do understand the dangers of running 1.3 before it’s official release)

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  • NuclearMoose


    Why not leave your main site as it is, and set up a test site with a flavour of 1.3Alpha? That way your one site is safe from Alpha version “gotchas” and you can mess about with the new version without worrying about cratering anything. If you really bust it, you can just wipe it clean and start again?



    for a ‘newbie’ as you put it, I don’t think you’d notice many of the changes until you were much more familiar with WP….I use 1.3a5 and I’ve found it to be very stable so far after about a month of using it. Just my two cents…



    No, for “newbies” the answer is a definite NO!
    Because all they do just come back and ask basic questions. Downloading and testing an alpha version isn’t meant for coming to the support forum and to ask “how-to” questions (which happens with the majority of newbies jumping into it). I just don’t understand why you guys are encouraging anybody with insufficient knowledge to even think about trying it.
    my $0.02



    Too much is changing for a “newbie” (1.3a is in a state of flux – what is here today may be gone tomorrow). It is stable in that it works, but the changes require some PHP knowledge and a good working knowledge of WP in order to get it functioning properly. Wait at least until things settle down a bit.
    If you want to “take a look” I would suggest running a test blog.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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